How do I find out whether someone is in custody?
You may call 468-4562 and ask if someone is in custody or you can access the following web address for the latest booking information:

What information can I obtain about someone in custody?
You may obtain whether or not someone is in custody, charges, bail, court date, arresting agency, when arrested, visiting hours, where he is currently housed, tentative release date, any holds placed by other agencies. 

What address do I use to write to an inmate?
999 W. Mathews Road, French Camp, CA 95231

Can I place money on an inmates account?
Deposit money on an inmates account: Cash, Credit Cards and Debit Cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on them are accepted at the Kiosks located in the 24 hour lobby, South Jail and Honor Farm visiting lobbies during business hours year round. Postal Money Orders are also accepted via USPS. Mailed to 999 West Mathews Road, French Camp, CA. 95231 Mailed money orders must have inmate’s name, booking number and a return address.

The process can also be made online via , phone number 866-394-0490.