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Cattle Ag facts
An estimated 901,000 farmers and ranchers raise beef cattle in the United States.
Cattle and calves are the fourth most valuable commodity in California. In 2000, this industry was worth $1.27 billion to the State's economy.
Every dollar of cattle sales generates an additional $5 to $6 of trade activity in the farmy supply and food industry.
California is the 7th leading beef-producing state in the nation, marketing 2.47 billion pounds of beef in the year 2000.
In California, 85% fo the beef cow operations own less than 100 head of cattle.
More than 80% of the beef sold in the U.S. is at the retail level.
Steak is the most popular in-home beef dish. Hamburger is the second most popular in-home item.
Cattle operations can be found in every county in California except San Francisco.
California's beef producers operate on a variety of land types and climate conditions, from arid deserts and coastal flats to foresland and high mountain meadows.