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Juvenile Court Information for Parents

My child came home after being arrested. What will happen now?
My child was arrested and taken into custody. What can the arresting officer do?
If we get the Notice to Appear, what will happen at the meeting with the probation officer? What should I do?
Do I need a lawyer?
Does my child need a lawyer?
My child's probation officer told me that the District Attorney will be filing a petition. What does that mean?
What will happen if my child is taken to juvenile hall after the arrest?
How long could my child be locked up in Juvenile Hall?
Can I visit my child in Juvenile Hall?
How soon can I visit my child?
What is the role of the probation officer?
Can I ask that my child be in the dependency court rather than the delinquency court as an abused or neglected child?
How will my child or I find out about the court hearings?
What hearings will my child go to in juvenile court?
When can my child be tried as an adult?
What felonies are likely to get tried in adult court?
What will happen at the jurisdictional hearing?
What will happen at the dispositional hearing?
Can I be present at the hearings
Can I speak at the hearings?
Do we have the right to an interpreter?
Can the victim and his or her parents attend and speak up at the dispositional hearing?
Where will my child go if he or she is sent to the California Youth Authority (CYA)?
When would my child go to the California Department of Corrections (CDC) instead of the California Youth Authority (CYA)?
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Can I be present at the hearings?
Yes. In fact, new state law requires you to be present. One thing the judge will decide is what will be best for your child. Depending on the offense, if you can show that your child will listen to you and follow your rules, and that you will hold your child accountable and be supportive at home, the judge may order that your child be released to your custody.


 Adult Services 

24 South Hunter Street
Stockton, CA 95202
Phone:(209) 468-4100

Juvenile Services  

575 West Mathews Road
French Camp, CA 95231
Phone:(209) 468-4000

Juvenile Hall 

575 West Mathews Road
French Camp, CA 95231
Phone:(209) 468-4200