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Radio Amateur Emergency Services - R.A.C.E.S.

Serving all of the San Joaquin Operational Area

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Radio Amateur Emergency Services is to provide additional communication support government agencies during emergencies within the San Joaquin Operational Area.


Radio Officer:   Guy Mallery     WGMSU Alternate Radio Officer:   Dave Hardwick     N6LHL
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About San Joaquin Operational Area R.A.C.E.S.

In the mid-1980's the California Legislature determined that the State and County preparedness and emergency management response was not adequately considering the potential for failure of conventional communication needs, including established fire, law enforcement, and other government radio systems. The Legislature specifically indicated that the vast resource of the FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators should be integrated into governmental activities so that these volunteers could aid and assist their communities in time of need.

There exists in the FCC regulations the authority for a service called the RACES, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service; and that program became the format on which to develop local, county and state utilization of an under realized resource.

Operational Area (OA) Assignment
San Joaquin Operational Area has several RACES organizations; City of Manteca, City of Tracy, San Joaquin County. Under the guidance of the agency RACES Radio Officer, RACES operators to pre-selected locations:

  • Cities Emergency Operations Centers
  • Operational Area Emergency Operations Center (OA-EOC)
  • Incident Command Posts (ICP) where field located response agencies manage the emergency

The OA serves as the conduit between local governments (special districts & cities), the County, and the State of California.  The state is broken into three (3) "Administrative" Regions (region maps: Coastal, Inland, Southern), and also broken into six (6) Mutual Aid Regions. San Joaquin OA is part of the Inland Region. These mutual aid regions are established to allow road access during severe weather, earthquake, or other hazards causing blockages.

If operators are available, then other locations may be staffed. RACES normally does not staff evacuation shelters as this is not a government responsibility. The American Red Cross works with other amateur radio groups, such as ARES to staff the shelters. If requested, the RACES Radio Officer may assign a RACES member if deemed necessary.

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How to Become a RACES Member

Contact the city or county RACES Chief Radio Officer through the government office:Current Items of Interest

Download County RACES application form - Acrobat format, obtain free product on "current incidents" page

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