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1 MODE 1 - Reflects the normal state of readiness and response countywide. In MODE 1 there are no major emergencies or multiple incidents that require the extended use of multi-agency resources.

The County MACS EOC is maintained on a readiness level with normal daily staff. Most of the MACS coordination points (county and city EOCs) are not be operational. Communications during evenings or weekends is handled by the county or city dispatch centers through their normal processes.
2 MODE 2 - Reflects a situation that may cause a mobilization of mutual aid resources above normal day-to-day activity.

The basic distinction between MODE 1 and 2 may be seasonal, such as:

*Heightened preparedness during peak high-tide periods
*Fog season
*Fire season

A MODE 2 condition may be declared if a single incident exceeds automatic aid provisions. A MODE 2 may also be declared when more than five resources from one discipline are dispatched to an incident out of County.
  MODE 3 ALERT - This mode is intended to alert emergency responders of a situation that has a significant potential to escalate the resource draw from one or more disciplines. A MODE 3 ALERT may be the result of a significant incident within the county or a major incident out of county where mutual-aid resources may be dispatched to assist.
3 MODE 3 - This mode reflects a serious situation where at least one discipline requires the use of extensive mutual aid to handle the incident. Is based on the need for coordinated resource tracking, information sharing, situation analysis, advanced planning, and/or additional logistical support. An assessment is made on whether to partially activate the County MACS EOC to support basic MACS responsibilities, including logistical support, damage assessment, and communications.

Examples of events that would lead to MODE 3 operations include:

*Civil disturbance from labor strike impacting law enforcement resources
*Medical disaster declared (larger than MCI), heavily impacting medical resources
*Large illegal animal shelter impacting animal control resources
*Fire incidents requiring more than two strike teams
4 MODE 4 - This mode reflects a serious situation where two or more disciplines require the use of extensive mutual aid to handle a serious incident. Generally indicates the existence of an all-out County effort, where the allocation and use of emergency response resources require a concerted, multi-agency coordination effort.

Under MODE 4, the County MACS EOC is staffed to handle all MACS functions. Agency representatives from affected jurisdiction shall be requested to respond to the MACS EOC to speak on behalf of their jurisdiction.
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