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  KATRINA-RITA: Gulf Coast Hurricane Assistance
                                                  an Unitied Way Coalition of Relief Agencies

Overall Relief CoordinatorOrganization chart (pdf)
San Joaquin County, Office of Emergency Services: 209-468-3962

See Coalition "lead Agencies" (coordinating with many other non-profit agencies

Current Information | Coalition Agency Assistance Programs | Activities & Events | State & National Efforts | Links & References |


25-Nov-05 FEMA extends hurricane hotel program - Refugees can stay put in 10 states until Jan. 7; Dec. 15 deadline elsewhere

WASHINGTON - Stung by charges it is pushing hurricane victims out before the holidays, FEMA extended its hotel housing program Tuesday by a month in 10 states that have received victims of Katrina and Rita. Evacuees in those states — Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, California, Tennessee, Arkansas and Nevada — now have until Jan. 7 before the Federal Emergency Management Agency stops paying their hotel bills. The deadline is shorter — Dec. 15 — for victims in all other states.

1-Nov-05 San Joaquin County Human Services Notice to Evacuees on Housing
San Joaquin Human Services Agency is requesting evacuees to be careful of the intended use of FEMA funds for housing.  Unauthorized use of funds may alter available assistance by the County.  See notice (pdf)

31-Oct-05 FEMA Takes Over Hotel Shelter Management From Red Cross
FEMA will be taking over rental costs for hotel/motel lodging from the American Red Cross on 25-Oct-05.  Evacuees are encouraged to apply with FEMA for more information on this assistance.  see FEMA letter (pdf)

28-Oct-05 FEMA Extends Application Deadline
FEMA has extended till 11-Jan-06, date that hurricane victims can register for assistance.  All evacuees encouraged to apply.  See FEMA notice - English - Spanish/Español (pdf)

21-Oct-05 Local Resources Requested to Louisiana
Local Employment Counselers have been deployed to assist counties in Louisiana in assisting disability clients in researching jobs, filing forms, job-search skills.  See mutual aid page for information.

07-Oct-05 Local Assistance Center-For Evacuees- Photos
  A Local Assistance Center held at the Stockton Civic Center Auditorium brought many local non-profit agencies, plus local, state, and federal (including FEMA)  agencies together to meet with evacuees.  This helped in "one-stop" help to gain housing, food, clothing, ID cards, bus passes, jobs, and drivers' Licenses.   See photos: #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (jpg)

29-Sept-05 Local resources Requested to Mississippi
Local Building Inspectors have been deployed to assist counties in Mississippi in safety inspections.  See mutual aid page for information.

15-Sept-05 Gulf Coast Katrina-Rita Evacuee Assistance
If you are an evacuee from the disaster area, or a family bringing in an evacuee, contact the San Joaquin Chapter, American Red Cross: 209-466-6971.

Other private-non-profit agencies of the "United Way Relief Coalition" coalition are working together to provide a coordinated effort to assist.  Agencies established a lead agency for each service topic to work under . . . see News release (pdf)

See also: National Efforts information & links


5-Nov-05 City of Stockton Hurricane Katrina Benefit
     Stockton Civic Memorial Auditorium,
     525 N. Center Street
     12 noon to 5:00 p.m.

This event is free and open to the public.  Donations of $5 per person are suggested.  All proceeds will benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. All participants must perform or present “family-friendly” material. Auditions will be held at the Civic Auditorium on Monday, October 10, 2005, 2:00 – 6:00 p.m., at the Civic Auditorium.  Large groups should plan to send representatives to auditions who can provide a sample of material to be performed or presented.

One-hundred percent of all proceeds will benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina, to be equally divided between the San Joaquin County Chapter of the American Red Cross and the United Way of San Joaquin County Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.  All performers, presenters, participants and organizers will participate without compensation, donating their time, talent, and materials for the benefit of victims.

A program will be published once auditions have been held and presenters, performers, and participants have been scheduled.

Auditions: Tony Washington, 209-461-2966
Information: Connie Cochran, 209-937-8827



Map of California evacuees (pdf)




FEMA: 1-800-462-FEMA (3362) TTY:1-800-462-7585

FEMA En Espanol

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Overall Relief CoordinatorOrganization chart (pdf)
San Joaquin County, Office of Emergency Services: 209-468-3962

Outreach to evacuees, local transportation: Official primary registration, service referrals, transportation to other "Coalition" services

American Red Cross - San Joaquin Chapter:
phone: 209-466-6971

Permanent housing, Identification, Public Assistance Programs: short, intermediate, long-term housing; Social Security, food stamps, other general relief services

- Drivers' license/home state cards:links to other state efforts to quicken documents

San Joaquin County, Human Services Agency:
phone: 209-468-1926 or 468-1221

California Department of Motor Vehicles: Katrina website

Immediate Needs: clothing, food, dry goods, hygene, furniture, toys, other items

Charterhouse Center for Families:
phone: 209-476-1106

Job Placement: job training, job search, interviews, resume' development, assist contact with home state

California Employment Development Department:
phone: 209-948-7856
e-mail: bobien@edd.ca.gov

Health & Medical Services: dental, health screening, general medical practice

Community Medical Centers:

CARE LINK: 209-940-7202

Public Health: vaccinations, pregnancy, infant and child services, car seats San Joaquin County, Public Health Services:
phone: 800-698-2304
Mental Health: crisis intervention, counseling, treatment for adults and childern

San Joaquin County, Mental Health Services:
phone: 209-468-8686

Child & Day Care: locations for care allowing familes to deal with relocation issues, job search, and other needs Head Start Development Council, Inc.:
Contact: Ruth Henry
Phone: 466-5541
Schools & Educational Services: short or long term registration, site selection San Joaquin Department of Education:
phone: 209-468-4802

Financial/Donations/Fund Raising:

** Special Fund: Established to share costs of the above lead agencies and the many non-profit agencies assisting under the primary topics

United Way of San Joaquin:
phone: 209-469-6980

fund name: "United Way Katrina Evacuees"

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