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Upper Jones Levee Break- EVENT

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Situation Reports News road conditions protective actions taken response resources summary Initial and Preliminary damage assessments

Governors Visits San Joaquin County (Click here for Pictures)



05-17-05 Phase II Debris Clearance Operations in Full Swing
Final debris management, including clearing of debris along levees, roadways, and removing public health threats, have started May 9th.  This is a coordinated effort of both Reclamation Districts 2038 and 2039, East Bay Municipal District, San Joaquin County, and State of California (Department of Toxic Substance Control, and Water Resources).  The operations is expected to be completed by end of May.  See photos from Phase II.

2-4-05  Jones Tract Break Modifications
A concern has been raised of high level of water seepage throught the break closure.  Dutra Construction has been contracted to place a "rock blanket" to thicken and stabilize the closure.  This may reduce the amount of water flow.  See photos from last few weeks of the site.
-Jan_01   -Jan_02   -Inside Break   -Blanket Operations   -Dutra Crane

11-9-04  New photos of on-going debris clearing operations . . . see photos on Debris Clearance page

10-4-04 Major Debris Clearance Operations Begins
After planning, training of temporary employees, and rental equipment, San Joaquin Debris Management Unit will begin major clean up operations on Jones Tract.  Hazardous materials removal has been on-going for several weeks, with help from California Department of Toxics and Substance Control. see photos

09-28-04 Governor Signs Two Disaster Relief Bills
AB1510 allows victims of three state disasters -- the 2003 Southern California wildfires, the 2003 San Simeon earthquake and the Jones Tract levee break -- to write off the losses on their state income taxes over the next 15 years. The other requires the state to pay a bigger chunk of the costs of responding to the disaster.  See AB1510.

Assemblyman Guy Houston, and Sen. Charles Poochigian, wrote AB2165, which requires the state to reimburse all eligible costs that local agencies incurred by responding to the levee break.  See AB2165.

08-21-04 Federal Government Determines "Natural" Disaster
U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman said her department has concluded Jones Tract flood caused by beaver, thus a "natural disaster."  This opens up additional assistance programs, such as crop-insurance payments.

08-19-04 Disaster Assistance Center held for Jones Tract Flood
An Assistance Center "one stop shopping" will be conducted for flood growers, property owners, and other victims to apply, gather forms, or ask questions from agencies.  Topics such as building permits, "elevating structures", employment, tax relief, property assessment will be available.  Departments and agencies will be set up with seperate tables to avoid a backlog.  see news release (pdf)

Any questions, contact John Austin or Michael Cockrell, San Joaquin County, Office of Emergency Services: 209-468-3962

September 1, 2004  1-4 P.M.
Public Health Services Auditorium
1601 E. Hazelton Avenue, Stockton, CA  95202

08-18-04 USDA Provides Food Assistance to Families
In a surprise move, the U.S. Department of Agriculture delivered food supplies to familes displaced due to the flood.  San Joaquin County Human Services has very happy to accept the offer and arraign a transfer to the families.

08-04-04 USDA grants Secretarial Disaster Declaration
Declaration covers agricultural losses do to flood. . . . see Recovery Page.

08-16-04  U.S. Department of Labor Awards Grant to Assist Workers
Congressman Richard Pombo advises that a grant, up to $2 million, has been awarded to assist in temporary employment for displaced workers in San Joaquin County due to the Jones Tract flood. see Pombo news release.

08-04-04 U.S. Agriculture Secretary Declaration
USDA granted a Secretarial disaster designation for San Joaquin County, and the contiguous counties of Alameda, Amador, Calaveras, Contra Costa, Sacramento, and Stanislaus do to agricuture losses due to flood.  see Recovery page for details.

07-15-04 Health Officer concerned for safety of persons Working Around Contaminated Waters. . . see news release

07-13-04 Four Pumps Running on Jones Tract Dewatering
California Department of Water Resources has four pumps running on dewatering of Jones Tract.  They are displacing 330 cfs (cubic feet per second).  One has been stopped to make repairs.  Dewatering to remove threat to levee should be completed in September.  Removing water to recover agricultural land will continue into October.

07-9-04 State Offers to Delay Employer Payroll-Tax Returns & Deposits
State Economic Development Department announced Thursday, July 8th, that employers affected by the Jones Tract flood may request to file payroll-tax returns and state payroll-tax deposits late without penalty.  Any employer seeking an extension should enclose with the tax return or payment a signed, written request that indicates the reason for the delay. Postmarked by August 2.  Information: (888) 745-3886 or www.edd.ca.gov.

06-30-04 President Bush Declares San Joaquin County a Major Disaster
President Bush has notified Governor Schwarzenegger that he has declared a major disaster for the Jones Tract flood, starting June 3.  This action is directed to "public  assistance" to help local and state government agencies to respond and recover. . . . see FEMA page on this  disaster.

06-30-04 Assembly Bill to Seek Assistance
Assembly Member Houston has entered a bill (AB2165) to assist local government jurisdictions with response and recovery costs. . . . view bill

06-30-04 Levee Break Sealed
Dutra Construction sealed the breach in the levee at low tide this morning. They need to raise the repaired portion of the levee another five feet by early tomorrow morning or they may get some water coming over at high tide. Tidal effects have now been eliminated in the flooded area lessening the threat to Trapper Slough. Pumping the water out of the flooded area is expected to begin around July 7th.

06-23-04 Lost Dogs From Floods Housed at Shelter
Numerous animals have been rescued from flood and are housed at the County/City of Stockton animal shelter.  Owners are asked to contact to reclaim.  Some may be available for adoption if unclaimed . . .  See news release (pdf)

06-17-04 Governor Requests for Presidential Declaration of a Major Disaster
Revised Initial Damage Estimate (IDE) of disaster and additional information has shown the Governor that a revised request to President Bush should be elevated from Declaration an an Emergency, to a Major Disaster.  This update could open up more assistance to local and state government agencies, along with the businesses, farms, and individuals who were evacuated or lost temporary employment.

06-16-04 Initial Damage Estimate
Revised Initial Damage Estimate (IDE) of disaster related costs to private businesses, citizens, and local government agencies. These may be adjusted as access to flooded areas occur.  Costs do not show some businesses (e.g.; utility and railroad), state and federal agencies, Contra Costa agencies (e.g.; East Bay Municipal District, Sheriff boat patrol). . . . Download assessment

06-09-04 Emergency Operations Center Reduces Hours
San Joaquin Operational Area's Emergency Operations Center (EOC), located in County Courthouse, has reduced operations to 9 p.m. today, then on a 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday schedule. No staffing on Saturday and Sunday. For information:

  • Security of evacuation area: Sheriff's Office (209) 468-4400
  • Flood fight operations: Department of Water Resources (209)406-7290
  • Damage Assessment: Office of Emergency Services (209) 468-3962
  • Evacuation Care & Shelter: American Red Cross (209) 466-6971
  • Donations, community assistance: United Way (209) 469-698

06-09-04 Current Event Map

06-08-04 Evacuees relocated to Several Locations
Evacuated residents of Jones, Bacon, and Mandeville areas are being assisted with sheltering, housing, work, and other needs through several locations, instead of one shelter previously at Edison High School. Contact American Red Cross at 466-6971 for more information.

06-07-04 Evacuation Of Bacon And Mandeville Islands
At approximately 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 7th, the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office called for an evacuation of residents of Bacon and Mandeville Islands. The only access road to these islands, the Lower Jones Road, has been determined to be unstable. The islands are in no danger of flooding.

The Reclamation District and the Department of Water resources are providing rock and a crew to stabilize the road. The effort is expected to take three hours.

Approximeately 75 people were evacuated and sent to a shelter at Edison High School, 1425 S. Center Street, Stockton, CA.

06-07-04 Jones Tract Flooding Update
Continued work to stabilize risk of Trapper Slough, and begin process of filling the break is occuring. See status report . . . see report (pdf)

06-7-04 Seepage found on McDonald Island, monitored by engineers
Though no immediate threat, engineers are monitoring water seeping onto McDonal Island, caused by Jones Tract flood waters putting pressure on surrounding river water. Key PG&E utility facilities on the island have been advised to monitor the situation in case "short notice shutdown" is necessary.

06-05-2004 Governor Request To The President
San Joaquin County has requested  the Governor to pursue a  Presidential declaration designation.

Contract In Place
The Department of Water Resources have a contract in place for the closing of the gap caused by the levee break. 

06-04-2004 Governor Proclaimed San Joaquin County to be a "State of Emergency" 
Governor Proclaimed San Joaquin County to be a "State of Emergency" 
This could provide State response and technical assistance in the efforts to reduce additional flooding. This could also provide financial assistance with response and recovery to local jurisdictions. 

Levee Break-Upper Jones Tract
At 0830 hours on 6-3-04, a levee break occurred on Lower Jones Tract. Located 3 miles west of Stockton, north of Hwy 4. Both the Upper and Lower Jones Tracts have flooded resulting in evacuation of the Island. Construction crews are currently attempting to fill the break with bolders and rock. 

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  • Situation Report (PDF)
  • Department of Water Resources have a contract in place for closing the gap caused by the Levee Break
  • Levee Break Upper Jones Tract 300 Ft breaks  
    Woodard Ferry
  • Middle River Closed From Bullfrog Landing to Trapper Slough
  • Currently Evacuation on Upper Jones
  • PG&E-Substation 1103 deactivated-affecting 600 PG&E customers

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  •  Bacon Island Road...Closed
  •  HWY 4 not threatened...but CHP advises taking an alternate route. 

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  •  Red Cross Phone number 209-466-6971 
  •  (06-04-2004)Red Cross is coordinating shelters
  •  St. Mary's is the official shelter for Levee Break at Jones Tract. It has been established by St. Mary's and Red Cross.

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MAPS AND PHOTOS - click on below links to view photos

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Emergency Facility Report
Emergency Protective Measure
Barges are now on Site
(06-04-2004)Governor Proclaims State of  Emergency for San Joaquin County
Crews have rescued  500 lb pig 

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There are 3 types of warnings in order of severity:

  • Statement

  • Advisory

  • Evacuation-Immediate

If you have any questions, you may call the San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services at 468-3962.

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