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EAS & EVMS Explanations

Emergency Alert System - EAS

- EAS radio vendors

1530 AM
92.5 FM
107.3 FM
Releases ... About EAS

EAS (Emergency Alert System):

During a disaster, it is a primary role of local government to provide information and instructions to the public. The County and cities work hard to ensure that your local television or radio stations and newspapers have accurate information. However, there are times when the government must ensure that vital information or instructions are provided directly to the public. To accomplish this, local media organizations have voluntarily established the Emergency Alert System (EAS). Through this system you can obtain information directly from your government.

You can recognize an EAS message from the distinctive tone that begins each broadcast. The announcer will also identify the broadcast as the Emergency Alert System. The primary and backup EAS stations for this area are:

  • KFBK Radio in Sacramento broadcasting on 1530 AM and 92.5 FM
  • KSTN Radio in Stockton broadcasting on 107.3 FM.  They discontinued the 1420 AM station.

Other local broadcasters pick up the message from these radio stations.

During emergency periods you should stay tuned to local broadcast stations in the event that the EAS system is activated. Continue to listen to local media for other general information rather than tying up emergency telephone lines with non-emergency requests for information.

Various receivers are available to receive EAS warnings. These units vary from simple units offering only one EAS source selected option, to units that receive all four sources;

In addition, many allow SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) programming. This feature you can select one or more specific geographical areas that your reciever would alert. You can avoid hearing warnings in areas of no concern. See EAS Planning Areas(pdf) for SAME number code (example; 506077 for Stockton).

EAS is coordinated by the Federal Communications Commission and the State Office of Emergency Services. Check the EAS website!

"RADIO LODI" (Lodi Radio Station):

The City of Lodi has installed a low powered radio station to update public on traffic and other hazards or information. The station can be heard on 1250 AM. This station does not have large area coverage, so interference can occur from other stations as your distance increases.


The County has three (3) mobile transmitting trailers to deploy during emergencies.  These provide a localized AM radio broadcast for residents and the traveling public with important information.  When an emergency occurs, an agency can request these units to position in the area to give information.

These broadcast on two (2) radio stations:

  • 530 AM
  • 1030 AM
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