Mental Health Services

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Patient Rights

Lady sitting at a table looking over papersThe laws governing the treatment of our patients require that any information about psychiatric treatment is kept confidential. Staff cannot give any information to friends or relatives unless the patient specifically requests us to do so.

Patients are verbally told of their legal rights at the time of admission, given a written copy of their rights, and re-advised of their rights each time the legal classification may be changed.

Patients who are admitted involuntarily (against their will) may request a Writ of Habeas Corpus after the first 72 hours of the detention to be heard by a judge in San Joaquin County Superior Court. The Court may decided to release the patient or keep the patient in the facility for further treatment.

Additionally, patients who are required to stay long than the first three days will have Probable Cause Hearing before an independent hearing office to determine if they continue to evidence disability. If none exists, the patient may choose to continue treatment by signing a voluntary application to remain in or be discharged from the facility.

Patients' Rights Advocate

All patients have access to the Patients' Rights Advocate on a daily basis. Family members and friends of a patient may also contact the Patients' Rights Advocate if it is felt that his/her rights have been violated, or you have other questions regarding patients rights.

The Patients' Rights Advocate may be reached by calling (209) 468-8676.