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Mental Health Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

San Joaquin County Mental Health Service FAQ

Activity Center for Developmentally Disabled Adults FAQ










San Joaquin County Mental Health Service FAQ

What kinds of services SJCMHS provided?

  • SJCMHS provides many kinds of mental health services to people of diverse language and age group from emergency Crisis Intervention open 24 hours, to Inpatient and Outpatient Services.

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Are my records confidential?

  • Your records are confidential. A Release of Information form must be signed by you before any information about your treatment can be shared.

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How do I start services?

  • Many new clients begin with Crisis Intervention Services (CIS). If you have Medi-Cal, you may call Managed Care Access at 468-9370 (in Stockton) or 888-468-9370 (outside Stockton). You may obtain a list of contracted providers from Access if you needed. You may also go directly to our other clinics: Children’s Services, Older Adults, Transcultural Clinic, Lodi, Manteca or Tracy.
  • A staff person will do a brief assessment and take care of any immediate needs. You will then be transferred to other services as appropriate.

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What if I have an emergency?

  • If you are concerned that you are a danger to yourself or to others, or you are unable to take care of yourself, please call or come to CIS (Crisis Intervention Services) immediately.
  • CIS telephone number is: (209) 468-8686.

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What if I need medications?

  • If you need medication or have any questions about it, you may be referred to a psychiatrist for an evaluation. Please bring all your current medications to each doctor’s visit.

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What if I need longer treatment?

  • A staff person will refer you to Outpatient or Case Management services.

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What will it cost me?

  • Costs are based on your total family income and on a sliding fee scale. The Business Office will work with you to determine your monthly payment.
  • You may obtain a current list of service fees from the Business Office.
  • If you have private insurance, please consult with your insurance company first and make sure to tell the Business Office about it.
  • If you have been referred to us by a primary care doctor, we need a copy of the referral.
  • We accept Medi-Cal and Medicare.

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What if I have no income or low-income?

  • You will receive the same services whether you have no income or are low income. The Business Office will work with you.

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How will I be treated at Mental Health?

  • You will be treated with respect and dignity.

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What are my rights?

You have the right to:

  • Request services at times and places convenient to you, and in your preferred language.
  • Know about your mental condition, available treatment options and costs, medications and their benefits or side effects, and counseling options.
  • Be part of the decisions about your treatment.
  • Refuse or stop treatment or medications.
  • Request a change of therapist or second opinion.
  • Request access to your records.
  • Expect that your records are kept confidential. Information will not be released without your permission unless specifically allowed by law.
  • Make a complaint or grievance if you are not satisfied with your services or a staff person.
  • File a grievance process or request a fair hearing at any time before, during, or within 90 days after the completion of the beneficiary problem resolution process.
  • You may request a fair hearing whether you use the problem resolution process or not.

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What quality of services will I receive?

  • Services should be timely, appropriate and provided by a staff who is sensitive of your needs, ideas and culture.
  • Services should be affordable and safe.

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What are my responsibilities?

You have the responsibility to:

  • Treat others with respect and dignity, as you would like to be treated.
  • Help make decisions about your care and treatment.
  • Tell the staff what you think will help you
  • recover and if you have new problems.

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What are some things my family and I can do to help improve services at SJCMHS?

Business Office:

  • Inform them about changes in your name, address or telephone number.
  • Update them about your income or insurance.
  • Business Office telephone number is (209) 468-0660


  • Do not schedule an appointment that you may not be able to keep. Call as soon as possible, if you know you cannot keep an appointment.
  • If you would like to be reminded about your appointment, please tell the staff at the time you make the appointment.
  • Information telephone number is (209) 468-8700


  • Inform them about changes in your name, address, telephone number or insurance.
  • Inform them about medications that you get from other places, including over-the-counter medications and home remedies.
  • Pharmacy telephone number is (209) 468-8710

Committees and Task Forces:

  • Participate in committees and task forces to improve the quality and availability of services.
  • Join the Consumer Advisory Council (CAC). For more information, please call the CAC Chairperson at (209) 468-3755.
  • Use the complaint/grievance procedures to improve services.

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Why is it important to keep my appointments?

  • If you are not here, we cannot help you.
  • Your medications may run out, and doctor appointments may take a longer time to reschedule.
  • Your illness may get worse, and you might have to go to Crisis and wait to be seen.
  • Another client could be seen in your place.

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What else do I need to do?

  • Tell your therapist about your symptoms and problems.
  • Ask questions and tell your therapist if you don’t agree with a treatment or want to stop it.

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How do I find out if my Medi-Cal has been approved?
You may contact Human Services Agency for information on your Medi-Cal status. You may also contact Department of Mental Health Ombudsman Services. Only Medi-Cal information for yourself may be given out due to confidentiality.

Human Services Agency
333 E. Washington St.
P.O. Box 201056
Stockton, CA 95201-3006
(209) 468-1000

Norene Dietrich (209) 468-1067
FAX (209) 468-1828
Linda Silva (209) 468-1067
Mrs. Barders (209) 468-1350
Mrs. Merrill (209) 468-1353
Mail-In Peggy (209) 468-1487

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San Joaquin County Mental Health Service Older Adult Day Treatment FAQ

What is the difference between Older Adult Day Treatment (OADTx) and Day Care?

Older Adult Day Treatment (OADTx) is a treatment program for older adults (60 +) offers support and assistance in dealing with daily problems and help with gaining coping skills to deal with stressful life situations.

Day Care is a program designed for and individual who needs out-of-the-home activities provided for him or her during the day and provides respite for the caregiver.

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What services are offered in Older Adult Day Treatment (OADTx)?

Services provided by Older Adult Day Treatment (OADTx) include group therapy, music therapy, creative expression, recreational activities, individual and family counseling, socialization and medication education.

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Is transportation provided? Is lunch provided?

Yes, to both questions. The Older Adult Day Treatment (OADTx) program has vans that transport individuals to the program. For those living in outlying areas of the county, transportation can be scheduled with the County Area Transit.

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What is the cost and will my HMO pay for it?

Older Adult Day Treatment (OADTx) is MediCal reimbursable and the program also has contracts with some HMOs. Individuals may be charged according to their ability to pay.

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Is the program wheelchair accessible?

Older Adult Day Treatment (OADTx) is wheelchair accessible.

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Are individuals with a diagnosis of Dementia accepted?

Individuals with a diagnosis of early or mild dementia may be accepted - depending on their ability to function independently.

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Activity Center for Developmentally Disabled Adults FAQ

Who can receive services?

The Activity Center provides services to residents of San Joaquin County, who have a developmental disability and are 18 years of age or older.

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What kind of services can I get at the Activity Center?

People enrolled in the Activity Center (called consumers) meet with family, friends, case managers and staff to make a list of their personal goals and write a plan to achieve these goals. Everybody involved does his or her part. Activity Center staff helps the consumer by providing support and training for goals related to daily living skills, friendship skills, social activities, community involvement, health and safety.

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How can I enroll?

Persons interested in attending the Activity Center should begin by calling Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC) at 473-0951. (If you are not already receiving services from VMRC you will need to apply.) Then, if the applicant is eligible to be a consumer of the VMRC, he or she will be assigned a VMRC Service Coordinator, who will generally make the referral to the Activity Center for you.

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How much does it cost to attend the Activity Center?

The rates for attending the Activity Center are set by the State Department of Developmental Services and can vary. Consumers who are referred by their Valley Mountain Service Coordinator will not pay the charges directly, because payment will be made by Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC).

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