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California has more than 36 million people and every day each of us throws away about 6 pounds of trash. As you can imagine, this adds up to a lot of garbage! Learn how you can help keep our earth healthy and green. Remember, trash isn’t always garbage.

Often items can be Reduced, Reused, or Recycled to help the environment. By practicing the 3Rs regularly, you are making a big difference! kids section image 1 

  1.  Recycle items such as:
          aluminum cans, aluminum foil, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, and paper
  2. Get your parents to help you to take them to an authorized recycling center
  3. You get some cash back!

So get in action and recycle, and remember don't trash it -- cash it!! kids section image 2 


Below are some fun links with games and information to learn more about the importance of recycling: