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Licensed Haulers in San Joaquin County

(this list may not show all of the licensed haulers in the County) 

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If you do not have the time or equipment to get junk to the landfills, you can hire a licensed hauler to do the job. When hiring a junk and rubbish hauler, you need to consider the following:
1) A Hauler must have a special business license.
2) Check the hauler's license is a valid license.
3) Hiring a licensed hauler increases the likelihood that the hauler has liability insurance and covered by worker's compensation insurance.
4) Request a receipt from the hauler and write down the hauler's license plate. This will protect you in case the hauler disposes the materials illegally. 
Below there is a partial list of companies that maintain a valid Special License with the San Joaquin   County.
NOTE: the list is offered as a public service and is not intended to warranty or guarantee the work or credibility of the listed haulers. It is the responsibility of the person that contracts with the hauler to determine if the hauler is a responsible business and has the appropriate level of liability and/or worker's compensation insurance. 

The licensed haulers list is under construction