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       Illegal Dumping is a crime
                           ...we can stop it together!

Despite having some of the lowest disposal rates in California, everything from burnt vehicles, tires, appliances, animal carcasses, old furniture, and lawn clippings, to general household garbage has been dumped illegally in the County, left to tarnish or damage property values.

Illegal dumpsites not only reduce property values, they are an eyesore and can pollute the air and water, breed insects, attract rats, and become a fire hazard. Once started, these dumpsites tend to draw more illegal dumpers.

The problem is that illegal dumping is costing the County over $750,000 a year that is spent trying to track down and prosecute the offenders and clean up the messes they leave behind. Illegal dumping is destroying our neighborhoods, polluting our waterways, driving down property values, and costing the public hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.


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