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Hiring Information

For questions call  (209) 468-3370.

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Application Information

To apply for a specific position, you must submit a completed County Application. Resumes and application forms from other agencies are not accepted in lieu of the County application. If additional information or certificates are required, they will be mentioned on either a Supplemental Application Form or on the Job Announcement Bulletin.

If submission of a typing certificate is required as part of the employment process, you may obtain this certificate from an  agency approved by SJC . Typing certificates must indicate that the test was a five minute test and also include the number of gross words typed and number of errors.

If you want to obtain application materials, please go to or contact the Human Resources Department directly at (209) 468-3370 to request a copy.   

If you want to hear a current listing of open recruitments, please call the job line at (209) 468-3377. Applicants who wish to be notified of an open recruitment for a specific job classification are encouraged to submit a stamped, self addressed interest card for that job classification. Interest cards will be sent to an applicant when an open recruitment for that job classification is conducted. Interest cards can only be submitted for specific class titles.

To review the class specification for all County classifications, applicants are encouraged to visit the Human Resources Office and review the classification and salary binders available to the public.


Human Resources Division

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Third Floor Suite 330
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Phone: (209) 468-3370
Fax: (209) 468-0508