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Educational Reimbursement Application Instructions                          Printable Version


The Educational Reimbursement Application must be received by Human Resources (HR) Staff Development no later than 10 business days after the first day of class. Application must be filled out completely and include supporting documents. Incomplete applications will be returned, which may delay payment or be denied. See instructions below.

  1. Fill in all applicable information on the application. If there has been a recent change of address, please note this on the application; otherwise payment may be delayed. Please be aware that HR Staff Development will only accept applications that are completed correctly and include the required supporting documents.

  2.  Sign the application and send to your Department Appointing Authority for approval before submitting it to HR Staff Development.

  3. Include all required supporting documents with your application (see below). 
    Required Documents for a Degree Program
    -Degree program graduation requirement
    -Class schedule
    -Fee schedule

    Required Documents for Individual Courses
    Documentation that provides course title and description, training date(s), and fee schedule.

  4. Confirm your application was received by HR Staff Development within the established deadline (no later than 10 business days after the first day of class). Applications that are not received within the above deadline will be denied. As such, employees are strongly encouraged to submit their application as early as possible to allow sufficient time to meet the deadline. HR Staff Development will review the application and notify the employee of the applicatin status (accepted, denied, or in review) with 10 business days of receipt of the application.
  5. Contact HR Staff Development immediately if there are changes (change of address, dropped or added classes, etc.) to your application once it has been accepted.

  6. Submit additional required documentation (see below) to HR Staff Development no later than 60 calendar days after the class ends.
  • A copy of all payment receipts including registration and fees. Receipt(s) must clearly identify the purchased items and the amount paid for each purchased item.
  • A course syllabus listing the required textbooks if application requests reimbursement for textbooks
  • Proof of satisfactory completion of course(s) i.e., certificate, grade report of C or better, etc.








 Reasons for denial of education reimbursement application:


    • Application, including all required supporting documents, were not accepted by HR Staff Development by the specified deadlines
    • Employee reached maximum allocated funds for the semester or fiscal year
    • Employee received “Unsatisfactory” rating on last performance evaluation
    • Employee on Leave of Absence


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