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Payroll and E-Pad Users

Role of the Payroll Clerks’ during the “determination period”

Step 1:
If Risk Management has not notified you to begin worker’s compensation, follow the injured worker’s instruction from “Notice of Leave of Absence for Temporary Disability Indemnity Payment ( Form 29).

Step 2:
If Form 29 is not on file, the payroll clerk or supervisor should contact the injured worker to determine time usage or leave without pay (LA) and send Form 29 to injured worker for completion. 


Role of the Payroll Clerks’ once workers’ compensation has been approved

Step 1: 
When a determination is made for workers’ compensation benefits payments, Risk Management will notify the department of the temporary disability benefits period via e-mail or telephone.

Step 2:
Risk Management will verify use of leave accruals (sick, vacation, comp, etc.) with the department. Reimbursement of leave accruals will be calculated based on the workers’ compensation indemnity amount.

Step 3:
If no leave accruals are used, Risk Management will process a temporary disability check for the period authorized by the TPA. Risk Management will request payroll clerks to correct time reporting codes to reflect LTDU for period authorized.


Role of the E-PAD Users

Risk Management will process all E-PADs for Workers’ Compensation leaves



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