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Manager/Supervisor Responsibility

Injured Worker Declines Medical Treatment

Forms required:
(1)   Supervisor's Report of Accident, S&T 202   - NCR Form
(2)  Employee Request for Medical Treatment, S&T 201  - NCR Form

  • Step 1: Upon notification of an injury or illness, a Manager or Supervisor must complete both a “Supervisor’s Report of Accident” ( S&T 202) form and an “Employee Request for Medical Treatment” ( S&T 201 ) form. The “Supervisor’s Report of Accident” ( S&T 202 ) form should:
    • Include a detailed description of the accident
    • Be completed within 24 hours of the accident

  • Step 2: Offer the injured/illness worker immediate medical treatment

  • Step 3: If the injured worker declines medical treatment the injured worker must sign and date the “Employee Request for Medical Treatment” ( S&T 201 ) indicating, “I have declined the offer of professional medical treatment at this time”

  • Step 4: File the “Employee Request for Medical Treatment”( S&T 201 ) form along with the “Supervisor’s Report of Accident” ( S&T 202 ) form in the departmental personnel file.

  • Step 5: Inform the injured worker should they seek medical treatment at a later date, they are to inform their Manager/Supervisor immediately.

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