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San Joaquin County Employee Service Award Program

The San Joaquin County Human Resources Division is pleased to announce significant revisions to the County’s Employee Service Award program. Beginning with 2006-07 recipients, employees who have 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years of full-time service with the County will receive their choice of an historical print in addition to a County service pin.

These prints are high-quality reproductions of 19th and 20th century originals from the archives of the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum. The choice of images includes historical figures and architecture, agricultural scenes, and nature shots. Prints are professionally framed in a variety of sizes that are available to recipients based on years of service:

Table of years of service to print size
Years of Service Print Size Framed Size
35, 40, or more 16"x20" or smaller 20"x24" or smaller
30 10"x14" or smaller 14"x18" or smaller
25 8"x10" or smaller 11"x14" or smaller
20 5"x7" 8"x10'

Approximately three months prior to each service award ceremony, Human Resources will provide a list of employees eligible to receive an award to their home departments. Employees will notify Human Resources of their selection and an order for the framed print will be placed. The employee will receive their award at a scheduled meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

Catalog of Prints

 "View of Stockton" painted by W.H. Cressey October 1849 (print #44)

Advertisement for Lodi, c. 1907 (print #03)


Hauling grapes to Lodi Winery (print #02)
Loading grapes from wagons to be hauled by rail. c. 1900 (print #01)
Barefoot children in sunflowers (print #05)
Packing grapes at Mason Packing Shed in Lodi, c. 1900 (print #39)
84 carloads of grapes (print #36)
Train hired to haul fruit, June 24th, 1886. Reprinted with permission from Haggin Museum, Stockton, California. (print #10)
Lodi Arch over Pine Street, c. 1910. Native Daughters of the Golden West banner. (print #07)
Wooden arch built on Pine Street for the Tokay Carnival in Lodi, 1907. (print #31)
1st San Joaquin County Courthouse. Dedication ceremonies were held April 17th, 1854. (print #08)
2nd San Joaquin County Courthouse. Construction completed in 1890. (print #27)
Second San Joaquin County Courthouse c. 1900 (print #42)
Second San Joaquin County Courthouse, c. 1955 (print #41)
Ziegler bar, Stockton c. 1910 (print #11)
Main street in Stockton looking north towards Hunter Street. c. 1880 (print #12)
Stockton. March 1907 flood scene. (print #13)
Murphy Ice and Fuel on El Dorado Street during the flood of March 1907. (print #14)
Man in flooded Stockton, March 1907 (print #15)
St. John Episcopal Church at the corner of El Dorado St. and Weber Ave. during the flood of March 1907 (print #16)
Stockton residences during the flood, March 1907 (print #17)
San Joaquin Valley College in Woodbridge. Opened in 1879. (print #19)
View of Stockton, looking west on Main Street with the Courthouse on right. (print #20)
Migrating Snow Geese on Delta. (print #21)
Empire Tract Flood, December 25, 1955 (print #45)
Sailing on the Delta (print #06)
Aerial view of the Delta in 1931 showing cuts through Spud and Hog Islands. (print #38)
Mokelumne River behind Clements in 1915. (print #30)
San Joaquin River and Chicory Factory near Stockton. (print #40)
Asparagus packing in the Delta. 1928 (print #23)
Asparagus packing shed in the Delta. 1928 (print #22)
Dredge "Sutter" in 1905. (print #24)
Gold dredging on Mokulumne River. (print #04)
Holt Brothers factory in Stockton, 1902. Parker Holt and Russel Springer seated on steam engine. (print #33)
Stockton looking West from El Dorado Street October 18, 1924. Riverboat J.D. Peters is docked. (print #26)
Weber Ave at head of channel, looking east. c. 1920 (print #28)
Lockeford's Southern Pacific Depot in the snow - January 1, 1916. (print #29)
On the way to Yosemite. Big Oak Flat Road near the crest of Hardin Hill, 1888. Ed McGowan is the stage driver. (print #32)
Cherry Street Tracy, looking north. (print #34)
Main Street Tracy (print #35)
Lodi Union High School, destroyed by fire in 1974. (print #43)
Hotel Stockton on Weber Ave. Construction completed in 1910. (print #09)
Hotel Stockton in 1911. (print #37)

San Joaquin County Jail, also known as Cunningham's Castle. Located on the corner of San Joaquin and Channel Streets. Built in 1893, abandoned in 1959
(print #18)

The officers who arrested Black Bart the "Gentleman Bandit." (print #25)

Back row left to right: Captain Stone of the Central Pacific Railroad and John Thacker, detective for Wells Fargo. Front row left to right: Sheriff Tom Cunningham of San Joaquin County, Ben Thorn, Sheriff of Calaveras County and Harry Morris, detective of Wells Fargo & Co. Express.

San Joaquin General Hospital 1921-1930 (print #46)
County Hospital, Second Building Burned 1892 (print #47)
County Hospital Laboratory (print #48)
County Hospital Nurses, Children with mothers in Clinic (print #49)
County Hospital Operating Room (print #50)
County Hospital and Farm (print #51)
Hospital Grounds - 1930s (print #52)
Hospital Grounds - 1901-1910 (print #53)



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