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I want information on legal and court processes

Where can I find information about Family Law?

The Family Law unit of the Superior Court encompasses filings relating to dissolution of marriage, child custody and visitation, paternity, family support, and restraining orders. The daily calendar of Family Law matters is heard in Department F2 by the Family Law Commissioner.

For additional information please visit the San Joaquin County Superior Court Site- Family Law and Support

Where do I report for Jury Duty?

The right to a trial by jury is the privilege of every person in the United States, whether citizen or not. This cherished right is guaranteed by both the United States and California Constitutions.

You have been summoned to render an important service as a juror. You have enjoyed the privileges of citizenship and the protection of your liberties and property through our system of self-government. Now, for a short time, you will serve as a juror, an officer of the court, along with the lawyers and the judges. As a juror, you are an important member of the judicial system of San Joaquin County and California.

Reporting Instructions

To check reporting instructions for all court locations visit

For additional information please visit the San Joaquin County Superior Court Site

Where can I find more information on Adult / Juvenile Probation?

The San Joaquin County Probation Department, as an integral part of the Justice System, provides safe custodial care for juveniles and upholds public safety by providing prevention, investigation, and supervision services for offenders. We are committed to excellence, professionalism, and integrity as we serve our community.

One of Probation's primary goals is to provide evidence based interventions to our clients to assist them in adopting pro social behaviors, resulting in reduced recidivism, thereby increasing public safety and reducing victimization. San Joaquin County Probation has a shared set of values. We value excellence, importance of the individual, team concept, ethical conduct, professionalism, importance of community and a safe and healthy environment.

For more information please visit the Probation Department Page

On-line Payment of a Traffic Ticket

To pay a parking ticket on-line you will need to have your citation number and court location ready.

If you have received a courtesy notice in the mail, the citation number is located in the upper center area inside of a box labeled citation number.

If you have appeared in court, your case number is located on the upper right hand of your Judgement form.

San Joaquin County Superior Court

Filling a claim, summons, or complaint against San Joaquin County or a Department

The Clerk of the board is responsible for the Recording of all claims against the County.

To contact the Clerk of the Board please call (209) 468-3113

For additional information please visit the Clerk of the Board Page

Where do I get a Public Defender?

The San Joaquin County Public Defender's Office is dedicated to serving the diverse needs of our community and its justice system by furnishing clients whose cases have been entrusted to the office, with competent, effective, loyal, ethical, zealous, compassionate and efficient advocacy.

To contact the Public Defenders Office please call (209) 468-2730

For additional information please visit the Public Defenders Office Page

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