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The goal of environmentally preferable purchasing is to purchase products that are beneficial to human health and the environment. The tools below can help to identify candidate products, programs and policy initiatives toward this objective. If you have questions or comments, contact the Purchasing Department at (206) 468-3240.


Common Materials that can be recycled or must be managed properly
Buying Recycled Paint - Tools and Guidelines
Environmental Benefit Calculators
Guidance Documents
Government Programs
Green Business Certification (REACON) -- Excel Document
Green Business Certification (REACON) -- PDF Document
Green Committee Survey
Green Team San Joaquin
Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN)
Standards and Third Party Certifiers
Stockton Area Water Supplier
Stockton Water-Wise Gardening


Environmental Benefit Calculators

Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator - This calculator estimates the environmental and economic benefits of purchasing EPEAT-registered products, in addition to improvements in equipment operation and end-of-life management practices.

Fleet Emissions Calculator - The CarbonFree ® Partner program is an innovative and flexible way to help your business reduce its carbon footprint to zero through carbon offsets and reductions

Flexible Fuel Vehicle Calculator - Although flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) are typically available at the same prices as comparable gasoline vehicles, the cost of E85 fuel is higher. This tool developed by EERE calculates the cost of driving the selected vehicle, gallons of gasoline saved, and pounds of greenhouse gases saved by fueling with E85.

Green Cleaning Pollution Prevention Calculator - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed this tool for use by federal agency environmental, health, and safety facility managers, and other interested parties to estimate the benefits that could be achieved by adopting "green" cleaning practices.

HEV Cost Calculator - This calculator, developed by the US Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), allows fleets to compare the costs, benefits, and emissions of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) with those of conventional vehicles.

Paper Calculator - A web-based tool developed by Environmental Defense which compares the environmental impacts of papers made with different levels of recycled content, ranging from 0% (virgin paper) to 100%.