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About Us

globe on hands As part of the County Green Program/Policy, a County Environmental Preferable Purchasing Committee was created to communicate policy requirements and established procedures, identify environmentally preferable products and services, and provide information for employee awareness on environmentally preferable procurement. The program reports annually on the status of policy implementation and the environmental purchasing accomplishments of departments and agencies.

The Program speaks to focusing on the purchase of recycled and recyclable products, but there is also a component that emphasizes the importance of conscientiously choosing not to purchase items if it is not necessary and in the case of paper, to eliminate the printing process when applicable. Best practices include using electronic copies of documents, printing double-sided, utilizing electronic filing systems, exercising use of black and white vs. color copies to conserve toner purchases, and installing high efficiency ENERGY STAR® rated electronic equipment. Several goals include encouraging reuse of products, conservation of resources, using non-toxic materials, recycling and keeping the office clean and safe. Program success depends on identifying the critical decision-makers in the County and supporting them with information that can help them make good decisions.

If you have questions or comments, contact the Environmental Purchasing Committee Chair at