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San Joaquin Operational Area WebEOC

WebEOC is a secured online emergency management and information sharing platform for authorized agencies and organizations within the San Joaquin Operational Area.

What is WebEOC (YouTube video link)

Authorized use includes: emergencies, disasters, planned events, exercises, trainings, and daily operations.

The information contained on the San Joaquin Operational Area WebEOC site shall be treated as For Official Use Only (FOUO) and shall not be released to the public, media or other personnel who do not have a valid need to know. The only exception would be information specifically intended for public or media use, e.g., press releases.

User names and passwords are assigned to individuals on an as needed basis and are never to be shared or used by others. New users should submit a User Account Request Form. For single account requests use the web-based form. For multiple accounts (agency request) User Account Request PDF Form.

Passwords must be changed every 180 days.

Users that do not log into WebEOC at least once every 180 days are considered inactive and are automatically deactivated.

WebEOC Portal

Request to reset password: SJCwebEOCadmin@sjgov.org

Video Tutorials

Lesson Video Titles Length
1 Introduction and How to Login 12:55
2 Control Panel and Basic Navigation 10:24
3 Boards (Activity Log and Board Basics) 30:32
3.1 Healthcare Facility Status Report Boards 11:27
3.1.1 Hospital COVID Situation Report Board 8:23
3.2 Medical Health Interagency Situation Report Board Coming Soon
3.3 Hospital Evacuation Board 9:16
3.4 Healthcare Coalition Membership Board Coming Soon
3.5 Statewide Medical and Health Situation Report Board Coming Soon
3.6 Road Closure Coming Soon
3.7 Deployed Fire Resources Board Coming Soon
3.8 Shelter Board 6:00
4 Menus 12:19
5 Tools 3:36
6 Plugins 24:00
7 Mobile App Coming Soon
8 Resource Request and Deployment Module (RRDM)  
8.1 How to Enter Inventory in RRDM 3:16
8.2 How to Edit Inventory in RRDM 1:42
8.3 How to Update Fire Resources in RRDM 1:42
8.4 How to Request Resources in RRDM 3:08
8.5 How to Route and Approve Resource Requests in RRDM 2:12
8.6 How to Deploy a Resource in RRDM 2:45
8.7 How to Demobilize Resources in RRDM 1:52
8.8 How to Submit A Mutual Aid Resource Request in RRDM 8:42
8.9 How to Submit Mutual Aid PPE Requests for COVID-19 15:27
8.10 How to Create an Inventory Report for the HPP Grant 2:53
9.0 Vendor Directory Board   7:36

Other Resources

  • Mobile App - this free smart phone app allows users with WebEOC accounts to easily access the system while on the go.