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2016 EMSA Awards
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EMS Fee Schedule

Effective July 1, 2016

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Ambulance Authorization - Annual
Non-emergency Ambulance Application/Authorization
Air Ambulance Authorization

Personnel (Two Year Cycle)
Mobile Intensive Care Nurse Authorization $110
Paramedic Accreditation (Initial and lapsed only) $300
Paramedic Intern Authorization $75
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification

* Initial $150
* Recertification $112

EMT Skill Verification $45
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Certification $33
Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Accreditation $33
Replacement Card $25
Rush Fee $45
Late Fee $45

*This fee includes a $75 county fee and additional fees imposed by the State of California: Initial applicant $75 and recertification applicant $37.

Training Program Authorization (Two Year Cycle)
Paramedic Training Program $33,000
EMT Training Program $22,000
EMT Training Program County Approved EMS Provider $2,200
Continuing Education Provider $11,000
Continuing Education Provider County Approved EMS Provider $2,200
Copying fee $0.10 per page

Training Program Authorization (One Year Cycle)
Public Safety First Aid / CPR Training Program $1,100

Hospital Specialty Care Designation - Annual
Level II Trauma Center Designation $175,000
Level III Trauma Center Designation $175,000
STEMI Center Application and Designation $25,000
Primary Stroke Center $25,000

Forms, Protocol Books, Triage Tags Actual cost including processing/handling

Forms prices and ordering information