EMS Fee Schedule

A service fee of 2.29% will be charged for all credit card transactions and $1.35 for all debit card transactions.

Effective July 1, 2021

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Mobile Intensive Care Nurse Authorization $209
Paramedic Accreditation (Initial and lapsed) $558
Paramedic Intern Authorization $83
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification

*Initial $217
*Renewal $179

EMT - Psychomotor Skill Verification $94
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Certification $68
Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Accreditation $60

* This fee includes a $142 county fee and additional fees imposed by the State of California: Initial applicant or     applicants requiring a Livescan background fingerprinting $75 and renewal applicant $37.

Replacement Card $26
Late Application $47
Copying fee $0.10 per page

Training Program Applications and Monitoring
Paramedic Training Program Application $36,505
Paramedic Training Program Annual Monitoring $38,174
EMT Training Program Application $15,645
EMT Training Program Annual Monitoring $12,829
Continuing Education Provider Application $11,212
Continuing Education Provider Annual Monitoring $8,031
Public Safety First Aid & CPR Training Program Application and Annual Monitoring $1,252
ALS/BLS Provider CE Biennial Monitoring $2,608
Tactical First Aid/Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) First Responder Operational (FRO) Level Training Program Application and Monitoring $1,252
Tactical LifeSaver/TEMS Technician Level Training Program Application and Monitoring $1,252

Non-Emergency Ambulance Annual Permit
Air Ambulance Annual Permit

Forms (Order at link below)
Inter-facility transfer form $35.00  (Set of 100)
First responder form $25.00  (Box of 500)
Refusal of service form $25.00 (Box of 500)
Interim patient care reports $25.00 (Box of 150)
Triage tags box $300.00 (Box of 500)
Advanced Life Support Treatment Protocols Book $15.00 Each
Triage tags individual $0.60 Each

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