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The history of San Joaquin County

    On February 18, 1850 California became a State of the Union and 27 counties were created. One of these was San Joaquin County. Captain Charles M. Weber was instrumental in developing the City of Stockton as the County Seat and as a Port of Entry. Today, ships still deliver cargo to the Port of Stockton by the channel Captain Weber had dug in the 1800s.  

The Naming of the County

    The name San Joaquin comes from Joachim and has religious significance. A Spanish lieutenant named Marago in 1813 explored the " Valle de los Tulares. " Finding a little stream that headed in the Sierra Nevadas, emptying into the Buena Vista lake, he called it San Joaquin. The rivulet christened the great river, and it in turn gave its name to the valley and county through which it ran. (History of San Joaquin, California, Thompson and West, 1879). 


The Goddess of Justice

    The Goddess of Justice was created as part of the second county courthouse, completed in 1890. She is made of gilded zinc and originally stood 172 feet above the street. The third courthouse was built in 1960 and the Goddess was set upon a pedestal outside the west entryway, where she stands today.