Treasurer - Tax Collector


Treasurer - Tax Collector Department

  • Treasurer of County and All Special Districts
  • Tax Collector
  • Treasurer, Retirement System
  • Investment Officer
  • Redemption Officer
  • Business License Collector

Tax Collection Division

  • Distributes Secured and Unsecured Property Tax Bills
  • Collects all Property Taxes
  • Process Property Tax Redemptions
  • Enforces Property Tax Payments
  • Auction of Power to Sell Property
  • Prepares Property Tax Reports
  • Accounts for Taxes Collected
  • Issues Business Licenses

Treasury Division

  • Receives All County Revenues
  • Invests Fund
  • Collects Special Assessments-Reclamation Districts and Bond Improvement Districts
  • Redeems Warrants
  • Maintains Financial Records
  • Reviews, Advises and Complies with Bond Issues
  • Performs Cash Flow Projections
  • Reconciles Bank Accounts
  • Maintains Bank Relations