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Employment Opportunities

  • Employment opportunities with the Registrar of Voters office include permanent positions, election officer, election night worker, and other temporary positions within the office or warehouse.

  • Temporary Employment

    Job openings for temporary employment with the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters’ Office.

    For other temporary employment opportunities please visit our  More Employment Opportunities page, or  visit:

  • Election Officers

    Election Officers typically serve only on Election Day (once or twice most years) and receive a stipend for the day. Serving at a poll provides a look at the inner workings of elections and an opportunity to connect with the community. Election Officers are trained to set up the polling place, assist voters and maintain ballot security and voting equipment. Newer Election Officers are placed on teams with experienced volunteers. In an election, two different Election Officers positions are available at each polling place:

    • Clerk
    • Inspector

  • Election Night Workers

    Election Night Workers assist with ballot counting on Election Night in the following roles:

    • Runners,
    • Unloaders,
    • Traffic controllers,
    • Ballot sorters,
    • Ballot inspectors and
    • Ballot scanners

  • Election Officers and Election Night Workers are always needed for upcoming elections. Visit the links below for more information and applications for these positions.

  • Permanent Employment

    There are currently no job openings for permanent employment with the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters’ Office.

    For other county employment opportunmities please vist: