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  • What is a “Top Two” Primary election?

    In a Top Two Primary you may cast a vote for any candidate, even if you are not in the same political party. The top 2 vote getters will be on the General Election ballot in November.

    Do all offices on the March ballot follow the Top Two rules?

    No. “Top Two” applies to these voter-nominated offices:

    • Member of Congress
    • State Senator
    • State Assembly Member

    What does party preference mean?

    Party preference refers to the political party that the candidate is registered with. It’s listed
    next to each candidate’s name on the ballot. The word “None” appears for candidates who
    are not registered with a party. For example:
    • CANDIDATE A    Party Preference: Democratic
    • CANDIDATE B    Party Preference: Republican
    • CANDIDATE C    Party Preference: None

    Can the top 2 candidates be from the same party?

    Yes. The top two candidates might be from the same party, different parties, or no party.

    If only 1 or 2 candidates run for an office, will they still run in the primaries?


    Is Top Two different from the last primary election?

    No. It became law in 2010 when voters passed Proposition 14.

    What ballot will I receive in the March 3, 2020 Primary Election?

    All voters regardless of political party will get a ballot that will have:

    • All candidates for all parties for Voter-Nominated offices, and
    • All candidates for non partisan offices
    • Any state and local measures

    All voters registered with a political party will get that party’s ballot. To vote in another party’s
    presidential primary, you will need to re-register with that party.

    All voters not registered with a political party will get a ballot with no candidate for president.
    To vote in the Green, Republican, or Peace & Freedom presidential primary, you will need to
    register with that party. To vote in the American Independent Party, Democratic, or Libretarian
    presidential primary, you can request that party’s ballot without re-registering.