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Local Ballot Measures - May 7, 2019

  • May 7, 2019 – Mail Ballot Election Measures

    Waterloo-Morada Rural Fire Protection District Measure

    Jurisdiction: Waterloo-Morada Rural Fire Protection District

    Resoluton (PDF)

    Measure N (PDF)


    Measure N

    To maintain rapid emergency response services, protect homes and businesses from fire, ensure our Fire District remains locally-controlled, support re-opening of second fire station and replace outdated equipment/apparatus; shall the Waterloo Morada Rural County Fire Protection District impose an annual special tax at the following maximum rates: $0.07/sq. ft.: residential units; $0.10/sq. ft.: commercial buildings; $12.00/parcel; vacant, agricultural; and other rates for other land-uses; generating approximately $1,300,000 annually, with no annual increases, and nine year sunset?