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Department of Public Works

Surveyor Land Records System

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Web-Based Records Retrieval and Viewing System

The Surveyor Division of the San Joaquin County Department of Public Works contains thousands of land and survey-related records within San Joaquin County. Historically, these records have been accessed at the Recorder's Office in downtown Stockton, or the County Surveyor's Office.

With the Surveyor Land Records System, the method for accessing public records has been drastically changed by using a powerful web-based public records retrieval and viewing system. Users will be able to access Parcel Maps, Records of Surveyor, and Final (Subdivision) Maps in Maps and Plats.

Scanned DD Index Sheets are viewable on a web map for ease of location. These indices were updated through 2007. Newer records can be found through the Surveyor Land Records System application above.

DD Index Sheet Lookup

The information on these maps is based on the most current information available to the San Joaquin County Public Works' Surveyor Division. The County of San Joaquin does not warrant its accuracy, or suitability for any particular purpose. The information on these maps is not intended to replace engineering, financial, or primary records research.