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Office of Emergency Services
San Joaquin County
Delta Flood Readiness Project

The purpose of this grant project is for local emergency responders from protected incorporated City and County governments, to work with Levee Maintaining Agencies (LMA's), to improve local flood emergency preparedness and response. Work completed will improve public safety and satisfy a requirement of the Central Valley Flood Protection Act of 2008.

This project will address aspects of two steps of the grant guide; Planning and Training. Many government jurisdictions face similar deficiencies in flood planning, response reference maps, and knowledge of state and federal standardized systems.

Water Code §9650 requirements of a Flood Safety Plan, deficient status of local government emergency plans, is a struggle for Levee Maintaining Agencies, and response agencies to meet required planning, training, and supplies for flood response.

The project plan is that Delta-boundary LMA's in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, will collaborate with cities and the County within their jurisdictions to develop:

  1. Flood Safety emergency plans
  2. Flood-fight contingency and evacuations maps
  3. Obtain response information and resources tracking software
  4. Receive selected SEMS and NIMS training courses

This will provide adequate flood preparedness, response capacity, and resources in order to establish a high level of "Operational Readiness" for a flood in the Legal Delta.

LMA & Jurisdictional Compliance Interactive Map