San Joaquin County
Office of Emergency Services

Departmental Preparedness


Preparedness Training and Guidance

Facility Threat Coordinator (FTC)

  • Maintain facility threat plan
  • Familiar with facility layout
  • Serve as final authority during an emergency
  • Provide direction to Area Warden’s and staff in event of emergency

Area Warden (AW)

  • Specific physical areas of responsibilities
  • Assist the FTC
  • Assists in flow of communications
    • Both up and down
  • Assist in evacuation or sheltering of staff, guests, or clients
    • Responsible for accurate count of staff at Assembly Area
    • Responsible to report count of staff to FTC

Area Warden Kit

  • Area Warden Vest
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Radio
  • Staff Roster

Information to help you Prepare

For any further questions please contact Office of Emergency Services at (209) 953-6200 or Jessica Clark