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Human Resources Division

Procedure to Request Enhanced Accessibility

On occasion, an incident may occur wherein a person desires to file an accessibility enhancement request form from the County. The individual should be advised that he/she may do so by contacting the ADA Coordinator. The letter should contain all the pertinent facts related to the access issue experienced by the County resident or visitor.

The correspondence should be addressed as follows:

Mail to: San Joaquin County
Risk Management, ADA Coordinator
44 N. San Joaquin Street, Suite 330
Stockton, CA 95202


Phone: 209-468-3373

Fax: 209-953-7330

The above procedure is necessary in order to have an individual’s request entered into the County database where access to facilities or programs is registered due to a disability.

Upon request, assistance may be provided to make the request. Contact the ADA Coordinator at the following: phone by calling (209) 468-3373, or call TTY (209) 468-0750.

After the Letter

After the letter is received, the ADA Coordinator will reply in writing to assure you that the request is being studied. An estimate on the length of time in which a solution to the reported obstacle will be reviewed and the determination of the incident will be reported back to you.

After experts have reviewed your report, and the area and obstacle under consideration, a recommendation will be made to the proper division as to a solution. You as the Reporter of the accessibility enhancement will be informed by letter of the resolution.

The enhancement, if any, will then be prioritized and be listed with other county ADA work programs to be completed in the most cost and time-effective way.