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Human Resources Division

County of San Joaquin Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Grievance Procedure

San Joaquin County strives to ensure all citizens with disabilities have equal access to County Facilities and services.

If you believe that you were denied access to a County facility, program, or service due to a disability, a grievance can be filed orally or filed by filing out an ADA Complaint Form.

The County's ADA Coordinator is available to disabled persons requiring assistance to file a grievance. Contact the County ADA Coordinator at 209-468-3373, and an alternate means of submitting a complaint will be arranged. Alternatively, call TTY (209) 468-0750.

The grievance is to be submitted within 180 days of the discrimination to:

Mail to: San Joaquin County
Risk Management, ADA Coordinator
44 N. San Joaquin Street, Suite 330
Stockton, CA 95202


Phone: 209-468-3373

Fax: 209-953-7330

Grievance Process:

  1. All complaints submitted directly to County ADA Title II / Civil Rights Title VI Coordinator will be forwarded to the appropriate department for resolution.

  2. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt within 20 working days of the submittal date.

  3. Within 60 calendar days of the receipt, the ADA Coordinator will conduct investigation necessary to determine the validity of the alleged violation. If appropriate, the ADA Coordinator will arrange to meet with the grievant to discuss the matter and attempt to reach an informal resolution of the grievance. Any formal resolution of the grievance will be documented in the County's ADA Grievance File.

  4. If an informal resolution of the grievance is not reached, a written determination as to the validity of the complaint and description of the of the resolution, if appropriate, shall be issued by the ADA Coordinator and a copy forwarded to the grievant no later than 90 days from the date of the County's receipt of the grievance.

  5. The grievant may request reconsideration if he/she is dissatisfied with the written determination. The request for reconsideration shall be in writing and filed with the ADA Coordinator, 44 North San Joaquin Street, Suite 330, Stockton, CA 95202 within 30 days after the ADA Coordinator's determination and make a final determination within 90 days from the filing of the request for reconsideration.

  6. The County's process is not exclusive. A person submitting a complaint with the County may also file a complaint with other State or Federal agencies. Other agencies will have time limits for filing complaints.

    The resolution of any specific grievance will require consideration of varying circumstances, such as the specific nature of the disability. The nature of the access to the services, programs, or facilities at issue and the essential eligibility requirements for participation. The health and safety of others; and the degree to which accommodation would constitute a fundamental alteration to the program, service, or facility, or cause undue hardship to the County. Accordingly, the resolution by the County or any one grievance does not constitute a precedent upon which the County is bound or upon which other complaining parties may rely.