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Facilities Management Division

Property Management

Description of Services

The Property Manager oversees the portfolio of County leased facilities occupied by County departments.   They work with County departments to revise and renew existing leases for properties they occupy.

The Property Manager also works with departments seeking to find alternative locations.  These services include:

  • Working with the departments to identify their needs.
  • Determining whether a Request for Information (RFI) is required; if so, pursuing that.
  • Engaging in site evaluation, including site visits.
  • Developing a short list.
  • Site visits with Department to short list, if requested.
  • Negotiations with landlord.
  • Space planning  to determine how the department will use the space.
  • Determining and negotiating tenant improvements.
  • Facilitating tenant improvements, in some cases.
  • Preparing Board Letter, Board Action, etc.