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Environmental Health Department

Liquid Waste

Program Shortcuts:

The purpose of this program is to prevent the spread of disease and environmental contamination by ensuring proper handling and disposal of sewage effluent. State law requires regulation of septage pumper trucks and yards, and chemical toilets. Local ordinances and standards govern construction, permitting and inspection of package treatment plants; and the construction, repair and destruction of on-site septic systems.

California Health and Safety Code Sections 117415-117420; Ordinance Code of San Joaquin County Section 9-1110.
Construction, Destruction and Repair Permit Fees, Annual Operating Permit Fees for Package Wastewater Treatment Plants, Hourly Rate and Service Fees.
Home Owners, Business Owners/Operators, Real Estate Developers, Liquid Waste Haulers, Septic Contractors, POTWs, General Public.
Approximately 828 Septic Permits, 28 Treatment Plants, 58 Pumper Trucks and Yards, 587 Chemical Toilets.
Information Contact
 Contact     Title      Phone 
Naseem Ahmed
     Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist     (209) 616-3018
Daria Afonskaia     Registered Environmental Health Specialist     (209) 616-3035
Aaron Gooderham     Environmental Health Specialist     (209) 616-3062
Cesar Ruvalcaba     Lead Registered Environmental Health Specialist     (209) 953-6213
Jeff Wong     Lead Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist     (209) 468-0335
Michael Kith     Program Coordinator, REHS          (209) 468-3444