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Environmental Health Department

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

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The EHD performs environmental investigations of possible lead sources at the homes of children who have blood lead levels exceeding those established by the State Department of Health Services as part of the Public Health Services Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program contract. These investigations include on-site inspections, interviews with family members, X-ray Florescence (XRF) testing of paint, dust, soil and water samples or sampling of other non-environmental samples such as foreign home remedies, toys, food products, and hobby materials. The EHD notifies homeowners or occupants if significant sources of lead are found, provides education, requires remediation by an approved contractor, pursues enforcement action when necessary, and conducts clearance inspections. The EHD trains Family Practice resident physicians on case investigations to promote the importance of screening children for lead poisoning. The EHD also maintains strong collaborative working relationships with local, state and federal enforcement agencies.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Contract as authorized by California Health and Safety Code Section 105290.
State Contract, General Fund.
Children with elevated blood lead levels and their families, Property Owners.
Approximately 52 Cases per year
Information Contact
Contact      Title      Phone 
Omran Sood     Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist     (209) 616-3047 
Scott Sangalang     Lead Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist      (209) 468-3452
Steven Shih     Program Coordinator, REHS      (209) 468-9850
Potential Sources of Childhood Lead Exposure