Ron Freitas
District Attorney

Vertical Prosecution
Juvenile Division

Juvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice prosecution differs from adult prosecution both in how crimes are prosecuted and in what the possible sentences are upon conviction. Because of the unique nature of the Juvenile Justice prosecution process, the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office has a separate team dedicated to the prosecution of juvenile offenders in San Joaquin County.

The Juvenile Justice office personnel receive special training to help them work effectively within the collaborative environment of Juvenile Court. The current approach to juvenile delinquency balances community safety, offender accountability to victims and communities, and competency development in offenders. These three goals, as a comprehensive response to juvenile delinquency, encourage participation of all stakeholders to ensure optimal outcomes in the court system.

Nicole Pannell Supervising Deputy District Attorney 535 W. Mathews Rd, French Camp
Contact the Juvenile Division: (209) 468-4260