Ron Freitas
District Attorney

Grant Operations
Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud causes economic loss and distress to the public. It causes undue delay in resolving and paying claimants for the loss the insured has suffered. It also causes the premiums paid by members of the public to be unduly taxed to offset the fraud that occurs.

Image: Insurance FraudIndependent research in Auto Insurance Fraud estimates that one-third (1/3) of all bodily injury claims for auto accidents contain some fraud – including but not limited to the padding of losses suffered or exaggeration of injures. More serious cases involve those who commit insurance fraud as part of their regular business, such as auto body shops, which take insurance payments for repairs that are not performed, or for doctors, chiropractors, medical care providers who bill for services they did not perform. Insurance fraud rings cause the most economic loss to the public and can involve lawyers and others who conspire together to inflate or even create false claims for their own profit.

To protect the public from this economic loss and distress, the San Joaquin District Attorney’s Office will investigate, arrest, and prosecute or seek other adjudication, to those who commit insurance fraud and other violations of law; furthermore this unit will seek to reduce the overall incidence of insurance fraud and consumer abuse through anti-fraud outreach and training to the public.