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News from the Office of District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar
For Immediate Release
June 2, 2022
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DA Verber Salazar Announces Massive Anti-Gang Operation Resulting in 88 Felony Arrests, Seizure of Illegal Firearms, and Narcotics

Stockton- Today, San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar, in partnership with California Attorney General Rob Bonta and Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden, announced the results of a multi-agency effort — Operation “Hybrid Havoc” — targeting violent street gangs in Stockton. Members of the gangs were allegedly responsible for a series of violent crimes, including at least two homicides, and were identified by the Stockton Police Department’s Gang Violence Suppression Unit and the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office Violent Criminal Enterprise Unit as a significant threat to the community. The agencies then requested the assistance of the California Department of Justice. 

“This community deserves the opportunity to thrive and flourish, and today the people of San Joaquin County are safer with these organized criminal elements off the streets,” said District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar.  “Those who commit harm, violence and jeopardize the safety of this community will be held accountable.”

“Collaborative law enforcement efforts such as operation Hybrid Havoc are a key component in our efforts to protect Californians and public safety,” said Attorney General Bonta. “I am thankful for the work of our agents and our partners in Stockton. Today, we are announcing that we have not only taken dangerous individuals, illegal guns, and drugs off Stockton streets — but also helped bring closure to families grieving for the loss of their loved ones. While we recognize that the trauma of gun violence and crime continues be felt across our communities, today we helped the Stockton community take an important step toward healing.”

“This investigation was part of our on-going group gun violence intervention strategy,” said Stockton Police Chief Stan McFadden. “The collaborative effort with our law enforcement partners was based on focused enforcement for those groups that continued violence in our city”

As part of the investigation, agents carried out a two-phase operation occurring on May 18, 2022, and culminating yesterday, June 1, 2022. Over the course of the investigation, law enforcement, in partnership with the District Attorney’s Office, executed 24 search warrants and 19 arrest warrants the Stockton area. In total, the agencies:

  • Arrested a total of 88 individuals on felony charges
  • Seized 58 firearms— including 12 ghost guns and 10 assault weapons
  • Confiscated 959 grams of MDMA, 394 grams of cocaine, 98 grams of methamphetamine, 73 grams of heroin, 3.8 pounds of illegal marijuana, and 54 grams of fentanyl
  • $23,846 in cash

Due to the collaborative efforts of agencies, alleged acts of violent crime, including attempted homicide, numerous shootings, a burglary, and a robbery, were prevented.

In addition, two homicides were solved as a result of the investigation, including the murder of 31-year-old Mark Scott who was a special education teacher at Pulliam Elementary School and a baseball coach at Edison High School.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office would like to recognize the Violent Criminal Enterprise Unit, Supervising Deputy District Attorney Caitlin Casey and Deputy District Attorney Lisa Mann for their extensive efforts and time put into Operation “Hybrid Havoc.” Their dedication to the safety of the community is unmatched. Thank you to Stockton Police Department, the California Department of Justice, and fellow law enforcement agencies, including San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, Lodi Police Department, and Manteca Police Department, for assisting in the successful implementation of Operation “Hybrid Havoc.”

As of the May 18, 2022 phase of Operation “Hybrid Havoc,” the following individuals have been charged*:

Marlo Adams, 28 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 29815(A), PC 30305(A)(1)
Elijah Becerra, 21 PC29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 25400(A)(1), PC 186.22(B)(1)
Sophia Berg, 19 PC 25400(A), PC 25850(A)
Dwayne Berry, 19 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1)
Ramal Brown, 19 PC 25400(a), PC 25850(a), HS 11359(b)
CL Butler, 30 PC 664/187(A), PC 182(A)(1), PC 182.5, PC.186.22(B)(1), HS.11370.1
Steven Carpenter, 28 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1)
Marlon Concepcion, 37 PC 29800(A)(1), HS 11370.1(A), HS 11351, PC 273A(A)
Damien Cook, 18 PC 246, PC 245(A)(2), PC 664/187(A), PC 186.22(B)(1)
Matthew Costilla, 27 PC 25400(a), PC 25850(a), PC 664/27500
Natalie Cruz, 19 PC 30605(A)
Angelina Ferreira, 22 PC 245(A)(4)
Elexis Freeman, 26 PC 211, PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 664/211, PC 182(A)(1), PC 186.22(B)(1)
Devon Fryman, 32 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 25850(A)
Adrian Garcia, 22 PC 25400(A)(1), PC 186.22(B)(1)
Frank Garcia, 32 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 25400(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 25850(A), VC 5201, VC 12500(A)
Paul Harris, 25 PC 182(A)(1), PC 182.5, PC25400(A)(3), PC 25300(A), PC 466, HS 11370.1(A)
Nolan Hurd, 22 PC 182(A)(1), PC 182.5, PC 298905(A), PC 466
Antonio Hoskins, 30 PC 187(A)
Roverta Howard, 38 PC 187(A)
Michael Ivory, 22 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 25850(C)(6)
Marcea Lambert, 26 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1)
Robert Latin, 18 PC 29815
Rudy Maldonado, 25 VC 2800.2(A), PC 25400(A)(1), PC 25850(A), HS 11351
Almariejoy Manriquez, 26 PC 273 A(A), PC 25400(A)(1), PC 25850(A), PC 30605(A)
Jalen Marable, 20 PC 25850(C)(6), VC 2800.2(A), PC 148(A)(1)
Gregory Miller, 30 PC 182(A)(1), PC 182.5, PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 466, HS 11370.1(A)
Antonio Moore, 28 PC 245(A)(2)
Julian Moreno, 19 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1)
Elias Orozco, 20 PC 25400(a), PC 25850(a), HS 11359(b)
Donaven Ouch, 21 PC 25400(A)(1), PC 25850(A)
Angel A. Ramos, 27 PC 29805
Jajuan Rankins, 22 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 186.22(B)(1)
James Rankins Sr., 60 PC 29800(A)(1)
Marquese Rankins, 21 HS 11351
Wayne Reece, 18 PC 29820, PC 30305(A)(1), PC 29820
Jorge Rodriguez, 18 PC 29820(B), PC 30605(A), VC 2800.2(A)
Jose Rodriguez, 18 PC 30605(A), PC 148(A)(1)
James Ruiz, 26 PC 182(A)(1), PC 182.5, PC 186.22(B)(1), PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 273A(A), PC 30605(A), HA 11370.1(A), HS 11351
Desean Scott, 34 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 25850(A)
Charles Shoffner, 23 PC 30305(A)(1)
Sheila Smith, 27 PC 25400(A)(1), PC 25850(A), PC664/ 27500(A), PC 186.22(B)(1)
Dewaunte Smith-Harper, 23 PC 664/29800(A)(1), PC 186.22(B)(1), PC 30305(A)(1)
Everett Thomas, 27 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 25850(A)
Antonio Thomasson, 35 PC 187(a), PC 215(A), PC 209(B)(1)
Mikesha Thompson, 35 PC 25400(a), PC 25850(a)
Montice Travis, 36 PC 25400(a), PC 25850(a)  
Jamallah Verge, 27 PC 29800(A)(1), PC 30305(A)(1), PC 25850(A)

 *Please note, these totals do not reflect the second phase of the operation on June 1, 2022 and exclude any juveniles arrested in connection with Operation “Hybrid Havoc.”

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office is committed to advocating for victims, ensuring public safety, and equitable justice for all. To learn more about the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office and the Violent Criminal Enterprise Unit, visit