San Joaquin County
District Attorney's Office

Let's Talk About Fireworks

San Joaquin County has formed an Illegal Fireworks Task Force comprised of local fire and law enforcement agencies in the County. The goals of the task force are to 1) educate the public about the laws relating to illegal fireworks, and 2) to enhance enforcement efforts within the County.

Any fireworks that do not carry the “safe and sane” seal on the label are illegal in the State of California. Aerial fireworks are an example of illegal fireworks. Possessing or using illegal fireworks in California can carry a penalty of up to 1 year in the county jail and/or $50,000 in fines. For details on restrictions in your cities regarding the use of safe and sane fireworks, call your local fire prevention division of your fire department. All fireworks, including safe and sane fireworks, are illegal in the unincorporated areas of San Joaquin County.

The San Joaquin County Illegal Fireworks Task Force will be out in the community during the upcoming months, looking for any illegal activities associated with illegal fireworks.

It's not worth it!

  • Not only is it a crime, but you can seriously injure yourself and/or your loved one
  • You can cause major damage to property
  • You will likely cause pets and our Veterans with PTSD to suffer

Have a safe Fourth of July holiday!