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County Administrator's Office

Budget Narratives

A - General Government
B - Capital Maintenance
C - Environmental Protection
D - Law and Justice
E - Roads and Facilities
F - Health Services
G - Human Services
H - Education
I - Parks and Recreation
J - Contingencies
K - Special Districts
L - Position Control
M - Capital Assets Budget Detail

All District Attorney Budgets -- Summary
All Probation Budgets -- Summary
All Sheriff Budgets -- Summary
Child Support Services
Correctional Health Services
County Support to the Courts
Court Assigned Counsel
District Attorney
District Attorney - Auto Insurance Fraud Prosecution
District Attorney - Child Abduction Unit
District Attorney - Consumer Fraud Proposition 64
District Attorney - Criminal Restitution Program
District Attorney - Family Justice Center
District Attorney - Narcotics Enforcement
District Attorney - Public Assistance Fraud Prosecution
District Attorney - Real Estate Fraud Prosecution
District Attorney - State Grant Programs
District Attorney - State-COPS
District Attorney - Victim Assistance Center
District Attorney - Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud
Grand Jury
Probation - Administration
Probation - Adult and Pretrial Services
Probation - Justice Assistance Grant
Probation - Juvenile
Probation - Juvenile Detention
Probation - Juvenile Supplemental Law Enforcement Act
Probation - Local Community Corrections
Public Defender
Sheriff - Administration-Support Services
Sheriff - Animal Services
Sheriff - Boating Safety
Sheriff - Civil
Sheriff - Communications
Sheriff - COPS Patrol and Custody
Sheriff - Court Services
Sheriff - Custody
Sheriff - Detectives
Sheriff - Lathrop Police Contract
Sheriff - Local Community Corrections
Sheriff - Mountain House
Sheriff - Office of the Medical Examiner
Sheriff - Operational Grants
Sheriff - Patrol
Sheriff - Public Administrator
Sheriff - Records
Sheriff - Special Fund Programs
Sheriff - Work Programs