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County Administrator's Office

County Budget Archives

2019-2020 Final Budget
Table of Contents
Budget Message Page 1
County Government Functional Organization Chart Page 8
Directory of County Officials Page 9
Budget Summary Schedules
All Funds Summary Page 11
Governmental Funds Summary Page 12
Fund Balance - Governmental Funds Page 13
Reserves/Designations - By Governmental Funds Page 14
Summary of Additional Financing Sources By Source and Fund Page 15
Detail of Additional Financing Sources By Fund and Account Page 17
Summary of Financing Uses By Function and Fund Page 44
Detail of Financing Uses By Function, Activity & Budget Unit Page 46
Governmental Funds
Detail of Financing Sources and Financing Uses Page 53
Internal Service Funds Page 203
Enterprise Funds Page 217
Special Districts Page 223
Position Budget Detail Page 361
Equipment Budget Detail Page 425