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Board of Supervisors

Board Meeting Document Archive

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Agendas, Minutes, and Video Recordings

Present - 11/15/05

Agendas, Minutes, and Audio Recordings

2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997
01- Meeting begins and Proclamations 1. 2
01-Beginning of Meeting and Consent Item 2
01-Beginning of Meeting and Consent Item 7
01-Beginning of meeting and Proclamations
01-Consent Items 2,4,6, 11, 13wav
01-Meeting Begins and Presentation by Bob Waterston Fresno County_1
02- Downtown Master Plan_0
02-Consent General Government Item 16
02-Consent Item 1 and Appointments to Boards & Comm
02-Consent Item 11
02-Consent Items 2 and 3
02-Motion on Consent & Boards&Commissions
02-Proclamations 3, 4 and Consent Items 42, 17 for discussion
03-Appointments to Boards & Commissions
03-Consent Health and Human Services Item 1 and Randall Downey_0
03-Consent Items 3, 20, 46 for discussion
03-Health and Human Services 1-Status Rept Mary Graham
03--Proclamaton 1-Cogential Heart
03-Public Hrg Co Service Area 49 and Boards and Commissions
04-General Govt 1-Mid Year Budget and BOS Questions and Comments
04-Health and Human Services-1 Discussion Item
04-Oral Rept Status of State Budget
04-Proclamation 2 - Child Passenger
04-ToCan Nguyen and Consent Items Motion
04-ToCan Nguyen and Consent Motion
05 Presentations of Proclamations 2 and 3 and Appointments to Boards and Commissions_0
05- Public Comment Speakers
05- Public Hearing-Hammer Lane Underground & Boards & Commissions
05-Afternoon Planning Items 1 through 4
05-Annual Crop Rept by Scott Hudson and Appointments to Board and Commissions
05-General Govt 1 - Discussion Item
05-Public Comment-Speakers
06 - Afternoon Planning Matters
06-Afternoon Planning Matters 1, 2
06-General Government 1-Discussion Item Professional Federal Advocacy Services Contract
06-Health and Human Servs and Gen Govt Discussion Items
06-Public Comment -ToCanNguyen and Sigal Kremer
07 -Planning item discussion-continued wav
07-Public Comment - Angel Picon and Danny Syverson_0
07-Public Comment and Board Questions & Comments
07-Public Comment and Board Questions & Comments
08-Afternoon item - Board Information Session- Employment and Economic Dev Dept
08-Afternoon Planning Matter
08-Board Questions and Comments0
08-Civil Rights Investingation Baxter Dunn
09-Scheduled Afternoon Item Information Session - Facilities Management_0
10- Information Session - Dept of Aviation
10-Beginning of Meeting - Consent Items Pulled-10-19-20-Presented Proclamation-Boards and Commissions-900-Hearing Regarding SJCMA
10-Beginning of Meeting - Item 17-Pulled for Discussion and Item 6-Proclamation- Discussion-Health and Human Services
10-Beginning of Meeting - Mokelumne River and Power Authority - Consent Item - 13 - Pulled for Discussion - Motion
10-Beginning of Meeting - Proclamations - Consent Calendar-Discussed Items 8 - 10
10-Beginning of Meeting for March 4 2003
10-Beginning of Meeting, Consent Items 8 & 10 Pulled for Discussion
10-Beginning of Meeting-Consent Calendar-Motion
10-Beginning of Meeting-Pledge of Allegiance
10-Inovation by Pastor William Crabtree- Pledge-Supervisor Dario Marenco Swearing-in
10-Meeting of August 26-2003-Public Works - Consent Calendar - Office of Substance Abuse
20-Commendations-Proclamation-Boards and Commissions-900 Items-Public Hearing to Grant a Pipleine and Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Gate Fee
20-Communications-Public Comment-Board Questions and Comments
20-Consent 9 and 17-Pulled for Discussion -Comments on items 11 and 16
20-Consent Calendar Items 5-9-17
20-Consent Calendar-Motion - Boards and Commissions - 900 am - Mountain House
20-Continued Discussion - Consent Calendar 8 - Boards and Commissions - Discussion Health and Human Services - Discussion General government_0
20-Continued Swearing-in Supervisor Marenco
20-Discussion-General Government
20-Proclamations - Public Health Week and One Book-One San Joaquin-Discussion General Government and Discussion Mt. House CSD
21-CAO-Adoption of Resolution-Local Vehicle Revenue
25-Consent Calendar Continuted Items 5-9-17_0
25-Continued Discussion-General Government 1 - and General Government 2
30-Continued-Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Gate Fee and Discussion Health and Human Services
30-Disc-Mt Houe CSD - Motion - Communications - Public Comment and Board Questions and Comments
30-Discussion General Government -2-Motion- Communications - Public Comment - Board Questions and Comments - Adjournment
30-Discussion Health Care Services
30-Items Pulled for Discussion 11, 14, 22, 27, 34 Items
30-Proclamations-Spay Day-Black Infant Health Week
30-Public Comment
30-Public Comment-Frank Martinez- Ramiro Reyes- Don Gallagher- ToCan Nguyen
30-Public Commment-Board Questions and Comments
30-Scheduled Afternoon Items
30-Swearing -in Supervisor Jack Sieglock
35-Continued Discussin Health and Human Services and Discussion General Government_0
40-130-Public Hearing Regarding Appeal by San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federal and Sierra Club
40-Board Questions and Comments-Supervisor Gutierrez, Ornellas and Mow
40-Boards and Commissions-Discussion Public Works and Discussion General Government
40-Communications-Public Comment and Board Questions and Comments
40-Continued Swearing-in Supervisor Jack Sieglock
40--Discussion General Government 1 and 2
40-Information Session-Community Development Department-Public Works Department
43-130 Continue-Public Hearing Regarding Appeal by San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federal and Sierra Club
45-130 Continue-Public Hearing Regarding Appeal by San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federal and Sierra Club
50-130- Public Hearing Regarding Special Purpose Plan Application No PA-03-33
50-130-Public Hearing Regarding Roger Towers
50-Board Questions
50-Boards and Commissions
50-Chairman Mow-Outgoing Remarks Chairman Sieglock -Incoming Remarks_0
50-Continued 2-Discussion General Government
50-Public Comment and Board Questions and Comments
60-130-Continued Roger Hearing-Motion and Public Hearing Regarding the Appeal by Janet Spkysma-Pilchard-VFW Post 1051
60-Benediction by Pastor William Crabtree_1
60-Public Comment
60-Public Comment-ToCan Nguyen and Rev. Bob Hailey
70-130pm-Health Care Services-Improving Emergency Medical Service in San Joaquin County_0
70-Board Questions and Comments
70-Continued 130-VFW Post 1051
70-Service Retiree Awards
72-130pm-Health Care Services-Improving Emergency Medical Service in San Joaquin County_1
74-130pm-Health Care Services-Improving Emergency Medical Service in San Joaquin County_2
80-Fren Camp MAC and Contd-Board Questions and Comments_0
80-Information Session Health Care Services-Cont
85-Continued-Information Session-HCS
Beginning of the Meeting for June 17 2003_0
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