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Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse
Power Against Fraud!

Fraud and economic crimes are on the rise in San Joaquin County. Older adults are seen as easy targets of crimes such as identity theft, telemarketing fraud, door-to-door scams and street cons.

The District Attorney’s Office will present a Power Against Fraud seminar along with an interactive quiz to test your knowledge. You’ll learn simple, but effective crime prevention steps to increase your power against fraud.

Even if you think you know how to protect yourself, we believe you’ll learn something new.

The Power Against Fraud presentation covers:

  • Identity Theft (warning signs and prevention tips)
  • Telemarketing Fraud (bank scams, credit card scams, jury duty scams)
  • Mail and Internet Fraud (foreign lottery scams)
  • Home Improvement Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Investment Fraud
  • Caregiver Fraud
  • Ways to remove your personal information from marketing lists (stop pre-approved credit card offers, convenience checks, junk mail)
  • Verifying legitimate charities
  • How to order your free credit report
To book a Power Against Fraud Presentation Please Call: (209) 468-2488

Minimum 20 attendees per presentaion