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Photo: Tori Verber Salazar, District AttorneyTori Verber Salazar
District Attorney

Tori Verber Salazar has been a major force in San Joaquin County’s District Attorney Office. She rose through the ranks prosecuting gang related homicides to become the first woman District Attorney elected to the office in 2015. She has since instituted sweeping reform and innovation in prosecution for the County, which supports a population of over 730,000 residents. In her capacity, she oversees a budget of $42 Million and a team of over 280 employees who work for the DA office.

Through her leadership, Verber Salazar has implemented office-wide changes including expansion of Victim-Witness services, establishment of the Family Justice Center (expanding services into multiple cities within the county), and creation of the first Political Integrity Unit dedicated to prosecution of corruption cases - which has led to the successful prosecution of elected or appointed officials for misuse of the public trust.

She is a leader in restoring justice through Proposition 47 and 64. She has addressed the racial inequities in the past implementation of the criminal justice system and has worked to restore trust in our community by apologizing and accepting responsibility. She has worked collaboratively with the community to re-store trust and accountability.

Verber Salazar is recognized as a leader in the national dialogue in regards to Officer Involved Critical Incidents. Through her innovation, many Counties across the Country look to her policies and practices. She has conducted extensive work with the Stanford School of Law in pioneering substantive changes as to how officer involved fatalities are investigated and prosecuted. This unique partnership initiated an open dialog with the communities she serves and has been transformative for San Joaquin County.

She is an executive member of the Community Correction Partnership overseeing the management and implementation of a $22 million dollar allocation across the county as required by AB-109, a public safety re-alignment program that shifts criminal justice responsibilities for certain offenders from the state prisons to local county sheriffs, probation departments and superior courts.

Her dedication to the community has long multi-generational roots -- she carries that legacy through a myriad of community engagement programs. She was the Founder of the Empowering Young Women program that developed educational forums on date rape and domestic violence for high school girls and boys. She serves as an active member of the Ready to Work Program, a residential program for the homeless and previously incarcerated members of the county.

She is co-creator of The Beyond Incarceration Program allowing young students to speak with inmates at prisons providing them with honest and real life insights of life behind bars. She is actively engaged with numerous community leaders in addressing the plight of the homeless and mentally ill in developing support systems that improves the quality of life of the growing homeless population in San Joaquin County.

The office was recipient of the 2015-16 Outstanding Law Enforcement Agency presented by the United States Attorney Eastern Division of California. The National Institute for Innovation in Community Law Enforcement selected the office as a member of the Executive Committee on Innovation in Prosecution and Fair and Just Prosecution.

She is married and has three children.