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Public Integrity Complaint Form

Thank you for your concern regarding Public Corruption and Injustice in San Joaquin County. Please use this form to voice your concerns. Your name and contact information are needed for possible further information, but will be kept confidential and protected to the extent that the law allows.

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that you may be contacted if any further information is needed to fully investigate your concerns. However, the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office does not publicly disclose that an investigation has been or will be opened as disclosure may 1) compromise the investigation and/or any subsequent potential prosecution, 2) be contrary to the presumption of innocence, and 3) violate rights of privacy. The Office may exercise its discretion to disclose results of closed investigations after considering the above concerns. If an investigation results in charges being filed, please direct any inquiries to sjgov.org/da/mediarequest.