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Stockton, CA 95202
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How You Can Stop Identity Theft!

  • Whether approached on the street, at my door or by telephone, I will not talk to strangers!

  • When making major financial decisions, I will get several opinions from trusted family members and advisors.

  • No matter how well I know or trust someone, I will not sign legal papers or make an investment that I don’t understand or that seems unusual without first checking it out.

  • I won’t carry my Social Security card or checkbook in public; I will keep my wallet in my pocket or a hidden/secure pouch.

  • I will not keep my purse, checkbook, briefcase, laptop or other personal/financial information in my car.

  • I will mail checks inside the post office, have my new box of checks sent to my bank/credit union and shred all financial documents with a cross-cut shredder.

  • I will hire only licensed contractors I have checked out with the BBB, and will not do business with door-to-door solicitors or those asking for a lot of money in advance.

  • I will not withdraw money from my bank at the suggestion of a stranger who claims I have won the lottery, found a lot of money, or someone claiming to be a bank official.