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Suzanne Schultz


Suzanne Schultz,  Family Crimes Coordinator  
Family Justice Center Project Director

SUZANNE SCHULTZ is responsible for the coordination of the District Attorney's Family Crimes Unit. She is also the Program Director of the new Family Justice Center project. She has been with the District Attorney's office for 27 years. 

As Family Crimes Coordinator, her duties include providing community outreach in the areas of dating violence, elder abuse, and human trafficking prevention.  She provides county-wide training for the law enforcement and community organizations of San Joaquin County. She interviews and works with victims during the criminal justice process keeping them informed of the status of the proceedings.  In this capacity she acts as the Program Director of the Dating Violence Prevention, and Communities Against Senior Exploitation Programs; Presenter with the Human Trafficking Prevention Program; Chair of the San Joaquin County Domestic Violence Task Force; Member of the San Joaquin County Human Trafficking Task Force; Chair of the Education/Outreach sub-committee of the Human Trafficking Task Force; Instructor for the California District Attorneys Association's National Elder Abuse Symposium; Instructor for the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention; and Alliance for HOPE International.

As San Joaquin County Family Justice Center Project Director, her duties are to oversee the development and opening of the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center.  The Center will seek to bring the outstanding service providers of San Joaquin County together under one roof to better serve victims of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, elder abuse, and human trafficking.  Victims in trauma will no longer be required to travel to multiple locations to access services.

"As a lifelong resident of San Joaquin County,  I take tremendous pride in being a dedicated public servant to the citizens of our community and I am passionate about my job.  I see individuals of every race, age and economic background who are listed as victims in crime reports.  Many victims have not had experience with the criminal justice system before.  I utilize my skills, experience and educational background, to assist victims through the criminal justice process.  My goal is to keep victims informed so they know what to expect as they go through the court experience, thereby reducing their fears and concerns.  Additionally, I share with the community what I see in my job.  My hope is that through my outreach, they are armed with the knowledge necessary to keep them from being victims.

As a public servant, I am honored to work with the outstanding service providers of San Joaquin County and lead us to the opening of the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center.  It is by far, some of the most important work I have been asked to do for my community."

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