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Fraud Units

The District Attorney's Office is dedicated to safeguarding the community from those who seek to defraud it. The following units are tasked with not only educating the public about potential fraud threats, but investigating and prosecuting them the fullest extent possible.

Auto Insurance Fraud Unit

Auto Insurance Fraud is a major problem. Research figures estimate that one-third of all bodily injury claims for auto accidents contain some fraud - the padding or exaggeration of injuries. More serious cases involve those who commit insurance fraud as part of their regular business, such as auto body shops, which take insurance payments but do not do all of the work, or chiropractors who bill for services they did not perform. Insurance fraud rings are the most serious and can involve lawyers, chiropractors, doctors, body shops, and others who get together to create totally false claims or inflate real claims.
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Worker's Compensation Fraud Unit

Worker's Compensation Fraud harms employers, employees, and consumers. Fraudulent claims contribute to the high cost of workers' compensation insurance premiums. Besides fabricating an injury, examples include claiming a non-work injury as work-related, or continuing to claim injury even after a legitimate injury has healed. An employer falsifying statements to discourage or deny a claim harms an honest employee. Under-reporting payroll to obtain coverage at a lower premium rate gives an unfair advantage to the offending business.
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Welfare Fraud Unit (IMPACT)

Welfare Fraud involves acquiring welfare benefits that are undeserved. Either the recipient is collecting benefits under their own name but does not actually qualify for the benefits, or they are collecting the benefit on behalf of someone who is not actually going to receive the funds. Our office has a team of investigators dedicated to uncovering such fraud so that funds will be available to those who truly need it.
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Consumer Fraud Unit

The Consumer Fraud Unit investigates and prosecutes individuals and businesses based on complaints made by consumers who have been treated unfairly and/or unlawfully in a variety of business transactions which harm all consumers and honest businesses. These unfair business practices include false advertising, unlicensed contractors, unregistered automotive repair dealers, making false or misleading statements to customers, and many other unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business acts or practices which are unfair and/or deceptive to the consumer. This Unit may also refer complaints made to our office on a case-by-case basis to other State or Federal offices more jurisdictionally suited to appropriately handle these complaints.
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Environmental Protection Unit

The Environmental Prosecutions Unit investigates and prosecutes cases that are a threat to public health and safety, such as failing to submit a business plan for emergency response to a release or threatened release of any hazardous material. Cases that may endanger our local environment or destroy our natural resources, such as unlawful treatment, transportation, storage and disposal of hazardous materials and wastes are also consistently investigated and prosecuted. Enforcement of the laws that prohibit these illegal acts through both criminal and civil enforcement are used as a means to deter further harm to our environment, which has a direct impact on our water supply and the food sources that are derived from that water supply, such as fish and wildlife, and crops that are irrigated and harvested here in the Central Valley that feed our families.
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