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The County Counsel is the attorney for the County, including the Board of Supervisors and all County officers. Pursuant to State law, and consistent with the Rules of Professional Conduct, the County Counsel:

  • Defends or prosecutes all civil actions or proceedings in which the County, or any of its officers in the officer's official capacity, is concerned or is a party;
  • Defends any action or proceeding brought against an officer, employee or agent of the County, except where the County appropriately provides separate counsel;
  • Is the official legal representative of, and provides legal services and advice to, the County and those entities and officers which have the highest decision making authority on behalf of the County;
  • Is the legal advisor to the Board of Supervisors, the County Assessor, the County Auditor-Controller, the District Attorney, the County Recorder, the Sheriff-Coroner, the County Treasurer-Tax Collector;
  • Attends to and opposes all claims and accounts against the County which the County Counsel deems unjust and illegal;
  • May render legal services to the Unified Courts of San Joaquin County, the County Grand Jury, school districts and certain other local public entities, as requested;
  • Is the legal representative of the San Joaquin County Employees Retirement Association;

The County Counsel does not represent individual members of the public and is prohibited by law from rendering advice to such individuals.

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Office of the County Counsel

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